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Top 4 Causes of Dark Spots That Will Blow Your Mind

By Manjumodiyani @HoshiyaarChaddi
All the beautiful ladies out there, if your are looking to find reasons behind the coffee-colored patches on your skin, you have come at a right place.
Dark spots on skin can occur due an array of reasons. Dark spots show up on not only the face but also back, shoulders, waist and thighs. Dark spots develop due to accelerated production of melanin in the skin. According to Daily Makeover, the exact reason depends upon the area that is affected. The phenomenon of dark spots is also known as hyperpigmentation. Dark spots result into uneven skin tone or discoloration, which can literally break an otherwise beautiful complexion. Let us take a look at the culprits causing dark spots and how to remove that.
Top 4 Causes of Dark Spots That Will Blow Your Mind
The Sun
The Sun is the number one perpetrator when it comes to giving dark spots. Summers may fade away but the damage sustained by the sun-exposed skin shows itself very clearly. Make-up can camouflage the hyperpigmentation temporarily, but it is necessary to contain and reverse the damage. Prolong exposure to sunlight triggers excessive production of melanin, a pigment which gives color to our skin, resulting into blotchy and patchy skin. The best way to prevent dark spots due to sun-damage is to use a good sunscreen that provides adequate protection against the UV rays of the Sun.
Constricted innerwear
While a fabulous well-fitted innerwear can enhance your appearance and boost your confidence, an extremely constricted innerwear can cause skin blemishes. Tight innerwear cause friction between itself and the skin, causing skin irritation and ultimately darkening of skin. Dark spots may appear near armpits, shoulders, neck and back if you wear an extremely tight bra that struggles to accommodate you. Similarly, skin irritation may occur around the waistline and groin due to tight-fitting panties. It would be extremely smart of you to dump your constricted lingerie and buy new well-fitting lingerie that doesn't dig in your skin. If the damage has been done, the dark spots can be treated with prescribed hydroquinone gel.
When hormones go haywire!
Hormonal changes affect women not only psychologically but also physically. While a woman experiences mood swings as her estrogen and progesterone play hide and seek, it is the skin that also undergoes changes. Hormonal changes due to pregnancy or intake of hormonal pills often takes a toll on the skin. Surge in these hormones cause accelerated melanin production and ultimately hypermigmentation. Dark patchy spots usually occur on forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. In case of pregnancy, dark spots vanish after delivery as hormones tend to settle down. When on hormonal pills, consulting a GP and switching over to another type of birth control measure is the only way out.
Hair removal
Hair removal can cause dark spots to develop, if the technique applied for getting rid of stray hair is faulty. Using depilatory creams and razors for hair removal causes skin irritation and darkening of skin. Waxing is known to the safest and most reliable way of hair removal. But getting your arms, legs or face waxed from an inexperienced or unskilled beautician can give you terrible dark spots. If you are already hit by dark spots due to faulty hair removal techniques, you can treat it with hydrocortisone cream under a physician's supervision.
An informative video on how to treat dark spots caused by acne
Making little changes in the way we do things on daily basis can help prevent dark spots and blotchy skin from ruining our complexion. By following a healthy routine of exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing the skin, we can make it stay younger, healthier and glowing.

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