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Top 30 Infographic Tools and Resources

Posted on the 24 March 2015 by Savita Singh @Compgeekblog

Self-Publishing Infographics sites

Make your own infographics and publish them on below mentioned sites. These sites allow people to create a free account and upload their own infographics to share with thousands of users.


Showcase & Discover Creative Info Graphics at

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog

2. Love Infographics

Publish, promote and grow your business.

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog2

3. uCollect Infographics

Infographic Community to Grow your Business.

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog3

4. VisualizeUs

Bookmark the pictures you like around the web.

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog4

5. Visualizing

A community of creative people making sense of complex issues through data and design

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog5


Your On-Demand Creative Services Team

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog6

Free Infographic Submission Sites

It’s free to submit your infographic to these sites for more awareness, but they have strict guidelines so there are guarantees that your design will be posted.

1. Cool Infographics

Infographic turns data into information

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog7

2. Best Infographics

Only the best Infographics

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog8

3. Infographic-Directory

by Brian Wallace

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog9

4. Infographaholic

For people obsessed with visual data

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog10

5. Infographic Database

The Infographic Submission site

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog11

6. Infographichost

A Place for Infographics

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog12

7. Infographic Pics

Smart Plan

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog13

8. Infographic Place

Absolutely Right Place

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog14

9. Infographicplaza

Where information Meets Visualization

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog15

10. Infographicportal

New Infographics Resource Portal

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog16

11. Nerdgraph

Best Source of Infographics

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog17

12. Newsilike

Inforgraphic Trends

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog18

13. Nfogfx

Infographic Gallery and Data Visualization

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog19

14. Shithotinfographics

An Infographic Blog by David Eaves

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog20

15. Submit Infographics

Share Your Infographic and Rate Others

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog21

Paid Infographic Sites

For a price, these sites allow people to submit or upload their infographics to be posted. Now share your infographics and rate to others as well.

1. Amazing Infographics

Cool Information Design

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog22

2. Aniart Design

We Love Infographics

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog23

3. Dailyinfographic

Infographic of the Day

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog24

4. Info-Graphic

Collection of Infographics

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog25

5. Infographic Journal

The Best Infographics in One Place

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog26

6. Infographick

The best Interactive and Static infographics

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog27

7.Infographics Archive

Business Infographics

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog28

8. InfographicPost

All Information regarding Infographics

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog29

9. Visualkiwi

Showcase & Discover Creative Brand

Infogrphic sites computergeekblog30

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