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Top 3 Role Manager WordPress Plugins

Posted on the 02 February 2013 by Butterchicken @vivekkrishnan

WordPress blog is sure to offer you several role playing opportunities. As such, altering user role settings by either removing existing user functions or rendering the user additional functions may be your part of role management on WordPress. However, altering new codes by their removal or additions bring with it certain complicated issues cropping up, and which is why most of the users find it rather difficult to cope with such changes. However, certain innovative plugins like Capability Manager, Role Scoper, Members Plugin, amongst some other makes codes alteration on WordPress relatively simple.

Role Manager WordPress PluginsCapability Manager

Capability Manager plugin, as the name suggests, makes management of user roles and capabilities very simple. Change any of the roles and capabilities of its users stands as a uncomplicated process with the help of Capability Manager. Irrespective of whether your role management functions calls for creating new roles and capabilities, editing the prevailing  user roles and capabilities, or the adding the existing roles with brand new capabilities, you can do all of this simply just by using Capability Manager plugin in ensuring you an uncomplicated mode of managing your user roles and capabilities.

You can get full details of the plugin here: Capability Manager

Role Scooper

Using Role Scoper helps you in controlling your pages and posts. Using Role Scoper also transforms your WordPress blog to yet another level – the CMS level. Just like the ease and control of reading and editing permissions which exists on CMS level software and scripts, using Role Scoper would render you the same benefits of occupying control over permissions.

You can get full details of the plugin here: Role Scoper


Transforming your WordPress blog to a CMS resembling platform could be successfully done with the use of a plugin – Members. Using Members could help you expand and extend  your blogging control systems. Embodying efficient features for carrying out role management functionalities, Members gets its acclaim for being an effective controls manager, as much as an user role manager or a content manager.

You can get full details of the plugin here: Members

However, the latest versions of WordPress aka WordPress 3.1 does not find compatibility with a Capability Manager or a Members Plugin. Thus, as a prerequisite use it first on your test blogs before adopting them on your main blog via installation.

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