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Top 3 Perfumes From Fragrance Expert

By Luce Stephenson @Luce_Stephenson
Top 3 Perfumes From Fragrance Expert
Perfume is most definitely one of my weaknesses. With two drawers filled to the brim & an overflow on top of my wardrobe, I thought I'd share some of my favorite perfumes with you...
Top 3 Perfumes From Fragrance Expert
The lovely team over at Fragrance Expert very kindly sent across some minis of their perfumes for me to try as I've never smelt Versace and Cartier perfume before... how crazy!! So thank you so much, these will be ideal for my bag when I'm on a night out or going somewhere fancy (like Edinburgh this weekend)! 
SO, lets get into the perfumes I most definitely have smelt before and that I think are worth the mulaaaaa...
Top 3 Perfumes From Fragrance Expert
1: First up we have Viktor and Rolf Extreme Flowerbomb, because just when I thought Flowerbomb couldn't get any better, they made a EXTREME version! Retailing for £76 for the 50ml EDP, it is on the pricer side but its staying power makes it all worthwhile, I've sprayed Flowerbomb on my clothes before, washed them, and when they've dried the smell was still there! 
2: Beyonce Pulse perfume, were you expecting anything else? It wouldn't be a Lucy perfume post without a Beyonce perfume now would it?! Beyonce's perfumes smell lush and are so affordable, I'd definitely recommend picking one up, this one is really refreshing so will be perfect now the weathers starting to get better.
3: And last but not least, is Vera Wang Princess, my Mum absolutely loves this and every time I smell it it just reminds me of her, it's lush! There are massive discounts on Fragrance Expert for this perfume at the moment so would definitely recommend picking it up whilst there's a bargain going! 
I hope you enjoyed this post, I'd love to know what YOUR favorite perfumes are? Have you ever shopped at Fragrance Expert before? Let me know in the comments below!Top 3 Perfumes From Fragrance ExpertTwitter - Youtube - Instagram - Bloglovin'

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