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Top 3 Car Engine Problems

By Alexapoblete

No vehicle can run without a healthy engine system working inside it. So, the engine of a car is the most important constituent of the car. Sometimes it may happen that you hear whirring sounds from the bonnet of your car while waiting at a red traffic signal. Or maybe one morning, you twist the car key several times but the engine just won't start. Among a thousand things that can go wrong in your car's engine, the three most critical ones are compression deficiency, absence of spark and irregular fuel mix.Top 3 Car Engine Problems
Irregular Fuel Mix – The causes of an irregular fuel mix can be many:
  • The amount of air going inside is not being sufficient because the passage for air might have got jammed or clogged.
  • The car has run out of fuel, so due to lack of gas the air/fuel mixture has got disturbed.
  • Due to some problem in fuel system, the amount of fuel being supplied by it is either too less or too much. This is hampering the occurrence of a proper combustion.
  • The reason for an irregular fuel mix can also be some kind of impurity that might have got inside the engine along with the fuel, which is preventing the ignition of the fuel.
Top 3 Car Engine Problems
Compression Deficiency – Improper compression of the fuel and air charge will prevent the ignition process from working accordingly. The main reasons for compression problems are as follows:
  • The piston rings inside the engine have frayed out and are therefore allowing the fuel or air to escape through the piston at the time of compression.
  • Leakage of air/fuel can also take place due to incomplete sealing of the exhaust or intake valves.
  • The existence of a crack in the cylinder.
Absence of Spark – A number of problems can contribute to the impedance in the formation of a spark: 
  • The spark can be feeble if there is a glitch in the spark plug or the adjoining wire.
  • The wire of the spark plug is missing.
So, if your car engine has starting problems or emits weird noises while in operation, waste no time in getting your car checked by a putative automotive service center in South Hedland. Most modern automotive service centres have highly-skilled professionals working who can efficiently do the necessary tuning of and replacements in the engine of your car if necessary.

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