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The Exotic Vintage Van Kombi

By Alexapoblete
Many of us are quite familiar with the versatility and convenience offered by a Volkswagen Kombi, which was conceived after the Second World War during the late 1940s. Utilising the engine, platform and other mechanical parts of the Beetle, the VW Kombi van became a favorite of many people very quickly. Around 1978, it was improved by addition of enhanced internal components, but its exterior appearance still looked almost the same.
Around the world, including several regions of Australia, people started transforming the VW van into wonderful and interesting creations. Even now, many individuals use it for keeping their businesses afloat. The capacity of the vehicle is astounding, as it can accommodate nearly 60 umbrellas, 100 chairs and several other goods suitable for organising an event. Although the production of Kombi has been stopped due to impractical expenses required for adding abs braking system, emissions modification and air bags, many people can still be seen relying on the van for running their trade.
The Exotic Vintage Van Kombi
There are multiple companies in Australia which offer vintage Kombi hire in Perth for tours to winery, wedding parties, special dates, school formals, engagement parties and a variety of other events. Some individuals have even turned their Kombis into cafes, bars, ice cream parlours and restaurants. Doing so has not turned out to be bad idea for them, because customers can hardly resist the temptation of a groovy Kombi cafe or bar having a fold-down side and raised roof with awning on any day of the week.
Vintage Kombi vans have proved themselves to be of great significance when it comes to creating mobile businesses for appealing to a growing demographic. That is why more and more enthusiasts are looking for this exotic and highly useful vehicle so as to give a shot to their long time dream of having a food truck or bar-on-wheels of their own.
Since the van is so extremely versatile, the list of purposes that people have used it for hitherto is quite an endless one. A monster truck, a photo booth, a trailer, a pool table, a garden, even a garden shed - there is almost nothing that a Kombi has not been transformed into. Many are lamenting over the fact that Volkswagen would no longer be making this unique van anywhere in the world. But the story is different for those who owned the beautiful vehicle when its popularity was at the peak.

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