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Top 150+ Best Prank Call Ideas List 2018

Posted on the 30 January 2018 by Ssghtc001
Hi guy’s are you searching for best funny prank call ideas 2018 collection. All the best and top funny prank calls ideas is here. All types of best,funny,good,dominos,call,delivery prank ideas 2018 is only here. Let’s do something crazy with these awesome prank ideas. It’s time to make your devil mind into work. its showtime. Top pranks ideas only here. let’s pick your smartphone and call your friends or family members and do prank with them. Lets start prankng. Here we go. also check –voice changer apps  best prank call ideas list 2018

Top 10 funny prank call ideas 2018

1. When a classmate raises their hand to answer or ask something, give them a high five.
2. Stop in the middle of the street and look up to the sky and point your fingers to the sky as if to point out to something distinct, see how many people start looking up.
3. Go to DOMINOS and ask them for directions to PIZZA HUT.
4. Fill up balloons with paints and ask your friends to put it up on the birthday cake.
5. Go to the games sections in any reputed malls and compete with your friends for the score.
6. Write ‘FREE-CASH’ on a piece of paper and stick it onto an ATM.
7. Go out on the longest scooter ride with your friends during the vacations to a far-away destination.
8. Go trekking to the nearest mountains.
9. Go camping on a full moon night near the seashore and have a campfire with whatever is available.
10. Live a day without using any technology, stay away from the city (preferably forest camping).

Top 150+ best prank call ideas complete list 2018

11. Go to McDonald’s and ask for a happy meal with extra happy.
12. Watch a horror movie in a haunted place.
13. Fill water balloon with soapy water and throw them on your car to wash them.
14. Dress up shabbily as a beggar and ask for money from people.
15. Switch identity with your friend for a day and behave like one another and introduce yourself with the new identity when you make new friends.
16. Put a walkie-talkie inside a post box and shout at people when they pass by it.
17. Use super-glue to stick a 10 rupee/1 dollar coin to the floor and see how many people try to pick it up.
18. Draw scary cartoon faces on each egg inside your fridge.
19. Decorate your room ceiling with ‘glow-in-the-dark’ stars stickers.
20. Build a telescope.
21. Hide a note in one of the books inside a land mart and guide your friend to find it.
22. Go for a long drive when the whole city is sleeping.
23. Stargaze together, away from the city where there are fewer lights around.
24. Learn a new language together.
25. Develop secret codes for yourself and your friend and communicate using that.
26. Draw pictures of the same things together with your eyes closed and see who drew it more accurately.
27. Build different types of paper planes and compete with each other based on how far each one can fly.
28. Capture as many Pokemon using Pokemon GO in 30 minutes and compare with your friends and battle with one another to see who is the strongest trainer in the end.
29. Call someone and tell them that ‘You’re busy and you can’t talk for the time being” an accuse them that they called you first.
30. Play video games like MARIO and TETRIS together.
31. Play Counterstrike in LAN mode.
32. Buy and make a collection of various key chains.
33. Sneak in and have a night out with a friend at some other friend’s place who recently went out of town.
34. Go to a zoo.
35. Go for a wildlife safari.
36. Visit an amusement park.
37. Have an ice-bucket challenge.
38. Make/ design a T-shirt for one another.
39. Make up a distinct handshake with your friend.
40. Invite your friend to a karaoke night.
41. Spend a night at a haunted place.
42. Go to a carnival and take all the joy rides.
43. Try sketching one another.
44. Play truth or dare.
45. Discover new roads and routes in your town or locality.
46. Race with bicycles against one another.
47. Make friendship bracelets.
48. Discover new restaurants and rate them on popular food vending apps.
49. Cook each other’s favorite foods.
50. In the middle of a crowd, call out random names and see who turns back.
51. Learn to prepare a new dish.
52. Dress up like your favorite movie star.
53. Finish an entire movie series like Star Wars or Star Trek alongside one another.
54. Watch your favorite TV shows together.
55. Attend interviews with over qualification and charge more than the pay scale.
56. Look at a glass and shout ” That’s Ugly!” every time someone passes by the other side.
57. Write ‘sorry for the damage caused’ and place the post-its on random cars.
58. Smile at random people and then frown at them when they smile back.
59. Organize a barbeque party in your backyard or terrace.
60. Buy fireworks and light them up together.
61. Go to a supermarket and put random things into people’s cart without their notice.
62. Have a quiz competition.
63. Buy a board game and play together.
64. Play book-cricket.
65. Play the invisible rope prank.
66. Dress up like secret service agents and chase random people around.
67. Dress up and make-up in the dark.
68. Watch comedy videos and challenge each other based on who can stay serious the most.
69. Write ‘I know your address’ and put it up on a random people’s car.
70. Watch yoga together and challenge each other for certain poses.
71. Do crafts together.
72. Build sandcastles together.
73. Go fishing.
74. Dive into the sea and discover new species of fishes.
75. Collect stamps.
76. Collect different currency from different time frames.
77. Randomly visit an old teacher’s house and surprise them.
78. Put at least ten small boxes inside bigger boxes and pack them in order and gift wrap them nicely to a friend with a ‘Better luck next time’ note on their birthday.
79. Wrap each other’s hand with bubble wrap and give each other a high five.
80. Start working at random places without the manager noticing and see how long you can fake it.
81. Go and ask people random questions about themselves.
82. Run around your locality and tag people by saying ‘you’re it’ and run away.
83. Learn a new card game.
84. Learn new magic tricks and perform it on your friends.
85. Learn any instrument together.
86. Join a fitness training programme.
87. Eat as much as you can and compete with a friend.
88. Roam around the house with a blindfold on, relying on your senses.
89. Go out for wildlife photography.
90. Have a scavenger hunt at home.
91. Do crafts together.
92. Write secret notes to one another and plant it in random places, let them find it on random days.
93. Learn about a new species of animals.
94. Visit a child welfare organization and spend a day helping them.
95. Feed a stray dog and take care of it.
96. Join a cause and ask your friends to support the same cause.
97. Board a train and get down on random platforms and discover the new place.
98. Visit a water park and challenge your friend for the toughest ride.
99. Learn a choir-song together.
100. Research about famous personalities.
101. Make your own kite and fly it.

102. Solve a puzzle.

103. Feed a homeless and needy person for a day.

104. Plant a tree.

105. Visit all the cities in your country.

106. Get to know your neighbors.

107. Visit and see all the wonders of the world.

108. Adopt a stray animal and take care of it.

109. Take a self development course.

110. Go skinny dipping on a full moon night in a desolate beach.

111. Go to the Opera.

112. Take part in your favorite band’s concert.

113. Get a pet depending on your likes/ dislikes.

114. Party until sunrise.

115. Cheer your favorite sports team in an event.

116. Volunteer for a noble cause and spread awareness.

117. Take part in a city marathon.

118. Challenge yourself by taking part in a triathlon.

119. Drive a sports car.

120. Sing in front of the audience in a pub.

121. Act drunk in front of your friends and see if they can make out.

122. Help a stranger in need.

123. Motivate someone going through a tough time.

124. Think only positive thoughts for a day. Challenge yourself into avoiding negative thoughts.

125. Solve the newest version of the Rubik’s Cube.

126. Quit a bad habit.

127. Watch the top 10 classic movies of all time in a day.

128. Write a novel or a short story.

129. Go surfing or try learning how to do so.

130. Try bungee jumping from a cliff.

131. Swim with the dolphins.

132. Try sky diving with your friends.

133. Earn your own pocket money by freelancing.

134. Make a resolution and follow it through.

135. Try kayaking.

136. Take a ride in a ropeway car.

137. Take a roller coaster ride with your friends.

138. Stay inside an igloo for a day.

139. Learn how to paint and then frame your own painting.

140. Go to Disney world at least once.

141. Go on a horseback ride.

142. Ride a camel in a desert.

143. Try to sail in a yatch.

144. Observe a stellar phenomenon, like a solar or lunar eclipse.

145. Visit the Opera house.

146. Visit a planetarium and learn about our solar system.

147. Learn juggling and increase your difficulty level.

148. See the infamous Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis.

149. Ride a gondola in Venice, Italy.

150. Grow your hair/ beard.

In short, these are my personal list of 150 favorite challenges and pranks that can spice up your average day-to-day life. Hope you have fun doing the same. so guys these are the best good prank call ideas 2018 list. Lets pick any of your favorite prank idea from this list and start pranking now. Best prank call ideas 2018 only here. so guys these are the best prank call ideas scripts. Make a list of friends and family members whom you want to prank. just pick all the best prank call ideas friends from this list and prank them. Best prank scripts here. You  Can also download prank calling apps and prank your friends and family members in seconds. Lets go and prank now. Don’t forget to leave your devil mind prank idea below the list view comments. because with a great devil mind comes great prank calling ideas 😈😈.

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