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Top 15 Best Masquerade Mask 2020

Posted on the 23 June 2020 by Ssghtc001

Masquerade parties are famous for reason and that is suspense which created by on your unknown partners mind, well to be honest it loved and enjoyed for the same and there is so much of freedom without actually living by character you and your identity can stay hidden while you get interact with so many people at a time and yet stay unknown.

Each and every mask represents a unique personality. This article is all about beautiful   masquerade masks, if you are invited or even planning to go to masquerade ball party then this article can be your one stop shopping guide.

1. Luxury Mask Venetian Party Masquerade Mask

 Best Masquerade Mask 2020

This is a plastic mask and can be hand washed. It will along with your tuxedo very well, from prom masquerade party to any marriage masquerade party it will do its work while keeping your identity suspicious. It is 0.7” high and 14” wide. It is made up of high quality plastic so, you don’t worry about cleaning just apply some soap and wash it lightly because nothing sticks to it. It comes in different color combinations so clearly it can be compatible with fancy party wears. You can now stand out with this cool, classic and luxurious mask. It is perfect for Mardi gras, prom, Halloween and obviously masquerade ball. These masks are secured with two ribbons and can be adjusted for a better fit, and one size fits most.

2. Plague Doctor Venetian Long Nose Mask,

 Best Masquerade Mask 2020

While the look of this mask is fantastic, and the price is a no brainer, now let’s get to the mask. Firstly it is just barely heavy enough as to be a bit cumbersome. This stacks on the fact that with the long nose it levers most of its weight on your cheek bones. It is very ornate and attractive. The black/white combination works well, and the gold trim isn’t over-the-top. The “cracked” look of the paint along the nose is a nice touch. There is plenty of room around the eyes, I felt like my vision was much less restricted than with most masks. Its nose is 9” long, but with the silk ribbons it pretty difficult to hold on for long, so you can replace it by elasticized straps to solve this issue. It is suitable for Mardi gras, prom, Halloween and obviously masquerade ball.

3. Forum Elaborate Feather Venetian Mask For Women

 Best Masquerade Mask 2020

This mask includes patented flip up headband, allowing the mask to swivel up on top of the head or down onto the face and has exquisite trim and extra large feather which is indeed ornamental and hides most of head pretty, now it is great for those who have very high forehead. It an be easily hand washed and measures about 0.7” high and 14” wide, now let’s face it with it design it becomes a heavier but it will suit you well can say that, well you can wear for carnival, ball and prom not to worry about that.

4. Women’s Black Lace Mask 

 Best Masquerade Mask 2020

This is a fledged set of 6 black lace masks, each mask has beautiful and unique design and pattern and these masks come with an elastic strap or black satin ribbon ties for easy wear. Perfect for masquerade, mardi gras, wedding, prom, fashion shows and costume party. Stand out with sexy black lace mask; you will definitely gets lots of attention. 

5. KEFAN Greek Roman Masquerade Mask

 Best Masquerade Mask 2020

This is a classic mask which will take you back to the period of Roman renaissance. Its price isn’t a big deal. It comes with ribbon tie closure. It’s silver black is beautifully painted with metallic color, creating gorgeous and elegant look. The satin ribbon ties provide a snug but comfortable fit. It measures 17cm * 12cm (W* H); It has one size which fits most, for men. It is u light-weight for comfy long time wearing at weight 50g. It is made up of hard plastic foam which suits almost type of skins whether it oily or dry it doesn’t but matters the most is that it is perfect for Halloween, Christmas, carnivals, masquerade, Mardi Gras, party, dance ball, prom , costume cosplay party, fashion shows, wedding, mask events , night club and so on.

6. Masquerade Mask for Women Shiny 

 Best Masquerade Mask 2020

This delicate and ravishing mask will give you the persona of a queen, be the envying of the party when people see you wearing our glimmering and exquisite filigree Venetian mask. Intricate and delicate design combined with high quality materials makes our Venetian filigree masks fit for royalty at an affordable price. Stand out with our amazing colors; you will definitely gets lots of attention. This mask is famous for a reason because it is made up of strong, durable and lightweight metal that is malleable and can easily be molded to the contours of the wearers face. Its jet-black paint finish feels comfortable against your face and will not chip off. it is perfect for Halloween, Christmas, carnivals, masquerade, Mardi Gras, party, dance ball, prom , costume cosplay party, fashion shows, wedding, mask events , night club and so on. 

7. Hoshin Masquerade Mask, Mardi Gras Decorations Venetian Masks for Women

 Best Masquerade Mask 2020

Now with no flaking of paint, no messy excess glue residue, and no discoloration. Ladies keep it in mind that it has graceful line design, manual assembly and beautiful hand paint pattern, great for your masquerade dress. This mask represents exquisite craftsmanship; it is coated with steel metal which ensures that it is rust free. It is perfect for Halloween, Christmas, carnivals, masquerade, Mardi Gras, party, dance ball, prom, costume cosplay party, fashion shows, wedding, mask events, night club and so on. 

8. Roman Gold Masquerade Mask with Feathers

Best Masquerade Mask 2020

This is a Roman gold feather masquerade mask which is not only masculine and fantastic in look, it is a laser cut mask and one size fits the most it quite compact in the nose potion but it advised that if you have high nose then don’t it may poke a bit which isn’t acceptable but you can choose from the other options in this list. This mask is made up of high quality Paper Mache, and has ribbon tie, if the ribbon becomes the issue, then you can simply replace it with elasticized band for better grip. It is perfect for Masquerade, Mardi Gras, Wedding, Prom, and Costume Party.

9. YU FENG One Pair Couple’s Gorgeous 

 Best Masquerade Mask 2020

This set of colorful couple masquerade masks is passionately designed by the YU FENG Mask Company for the sweet couples planning for the masquerade or ball while its price is no brainer, so not to worry about that it almost covers your whole face, which great to hide your identity. It has very vibrant colors which will last long if maintained well. This masquerade costume mask can bring you much more attention for its solemn, graceful and fascinating color, symbolizing mystery. The best part is that it will definitely make the wearer stand out at an event. This masquerade mask can be easily adjusted in good position by two ribbon ties, fitting most people. It measures about 18.5*5.6 and 19.3*5in, these masks can be hand adjusted for a better fit. It is perfect for Halloween Christmas carnivals, masquerade, mardi gras, party ball prom, costume cosplay party, fashion shows, wedding, mask events, night club and so on.

10. Forum Novelties Mythical Creature Unisex Half Mask

Best Masquerade Mask 2020

This mask is made for both boys and girls with this mask you will become the mighty guardian of the forest and wield your mystical powers. Bring a burnt forest back to life or help a tiny wilting flower grow back to its glory. As a druid, your magical powers are the rumor of true strength. Now you can be a druid yourself! Druid mask is feathered and features long horns. This is great on its own. 

11. BLEVET Vintage Venetian Masquerade 

Best Masquerade Mask 2020

It has a characteristic and exquisite design with pleasant color and brightness. It comes with personality, eco, lace, and ringtones. Its elegant eye face mask makes you more attractive and glamorous in a party. This Venetian mask can be used to take part in all kinds of party, performance, birthday, Halloween, Christmas or any holiday occasions. It features a nice facial shape and unique coloring texture. It is made up of non-allergenic plastic, it is light-weight and comfortable for long-hour wearing. It measures 3.94 x 3.15 x 1.97 inches.

12. Tigerdoe Texas Ranger 

 Best Masquerade Mask 2020

We all have loved being a cowboy what more we love about it is the beautiful sleek Texas hat, feels like a king. They are cool and evergreen and if you have watched “Zoro” movie then you must have wished to wear hat and that eye mask well that wish will become true with this 3-piece masked Ranger set which is ready to give you the Wild West feel and appearance. The hat is made up of high quality fabrics, so you can wear it time to time. Wear this costume to all your dress up events. You can wear this hat in a hot sunny day too, so it is not about part only. It will adore you well with a cow boy gear if you have one. This set consists of western white hat, black mask and red bandana. This costume set is a one size fits most adults and teens. Western hat circumference measures close to 24. 5inches. It can be a great costume set for any western or masked themed party.

13. Kayso Black Phantom Mask

Best Masquerade Mask 2020

This is a special edition mask by Kayso, it is called Black Phantom Mask, and so now can wear it and ready to outshine everyone else in the party. It measure 6 x 5 x 3.5 inches. The Venetian Mask is secured with two black silk ribbon ties for easy adjustment. It is perfect for Masquerade Parties, Gifts, Costume Parties, Carnival, Christmas, Easter, New Years Eve Party, Halloween, etc.

14. KBW Global Corp Gold Metal Venetian Mask

 Best Masquerade Mask 2020

With this you can stand out with amazing colors, you will definitely get lots of attention. Its one size fits most. This mask can be hand adjusted for a better fit. This is made with light weight eco-friendly metal alloy. Its dimensions are: 9.5 x 7.6 x 4.2 inches. It is perfect for Masquerade Parties, Gifts, Costume Parties, Carnival, Christmas, Easter, New Years Eve Party, Halloween, etc.

15. Hophen Venetian Long Nose Mask

Best Masquerade Mask 2020

The mask is quite admirable with the classic details hand painted to make sure that you can celebrate Carnival, Venice carnival, Italian culture Mardi gras parties and festivals in a creative fashion. It measures about 32cm(12″)*17cm(7″). It is made up of eco-friendly material and apart from that there is a small hanging ribbon hidden at the top, so you can hung this beautiful Phantom Design Volto Mask on a wall as decoration or worn using black ribbon attached on each side of the face. You definitely stand out with this mask.


To save you the time, hassle and frustration of looking your ideal kind of masquerade mask, we compiled this enlightening article for the best of best masquerade masks in the market, this article is dedicated to provide you with choicest mask which will outshine you in whichever party you wear it for. Just remember to be the show stopper.

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