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Top 15 Best Gaming Keypads Pc 2020

Posted on the 05 April 2020 by Ssghtc001

To start with, having the best gaming keypad at your house is equal to that of having a GPU. You cannot definitely enjoy or run games smoothly without having the best graphics card fixed to the computer; similarly, you cannot control your points without containing a functional keypad for the gaming on PC. It is unexplainable and needed criteria to understand that once after purchasing of the best gaming PC.

It is equally hard to learn the hands-on experience on the gaming keyboard. In general, the gaming keypad is the peripheral designed exclusively for computer gaming options. Though the keypad gained fame in the late 2000s as there is a limited number of players online. Till today, the typical PC gaming controls contain WASD keys for movements, keys for action, and the hotkeys are, of course, keeps the game interesting that are incorporated anywhere.

Many gamers are in the markets who are supplying their best size keyboards containing the auxiliary gaming keypad attached to it. These keyboards and gadgets which are used for PC gaming are optimized well with the crucial quick press options and ergonomics for the better playing of the game. The best keypads not only offer the streamlined layout, but also provide extra features including macro buttons, USB ports, better sound and volume control, and even quick access to the F1 – F12 keys. They also boast the ergonomics of the keypad that features the programmable keys that are necessary for gaming purposes. Moreover, they also provide convenience and unbeatable control to ensure competitive advantage while playing favorite games on the PC.

So, one cannot control the car without proper steering. Similarly, mechanical Keyboard controlling is a must while playing games on the PC. Here are providing the information on the top gaming keypads on the market with a brief description of the techniques and also the significant important benefits of those keypads that are sold in the market. The review also provides details about which one to choose for your setup.

Here we have curated the top best gaming keypads that are available in the market for you to narrow down in choosing the best one among your gaming setup.

1. Razer Orbweaver Chroma gaming keypad

Best Gaming Keypads Pc 2020

The Razer orbweaver chroma is one of the stylist gaming keypads that comes with the matte black finish with aesthetics containing an RGB backlighting option. In terms of functionality, the Razer gaming keypad is optimized with the Razer mechanical switches that are flawless actuation. On the top, the gaming keypad contains programmable keys, with unbeatable ergonomics, a d-pad, and if you are looking for the best mechanical keyboard for your gaming pc, then this is the right option to choose. The keypad designed with 20 programmable keys, Razer mechanical switches, which are very comfortable for the user, contains LEDs, which are customizable Razer chroma with RGB backlight with separate lit keys at the back. The best to talk about this is its ergonomics, which contain adjustable thumb, hand, and palm resting options.

2. Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard keypad

Best Gaming Keypads Pc 2020

The above G13 programmable gameboard keypad is one of the first introduced mini keyboards on the market. The main advantage of this keypad is that it is incorporated with high-end features that you cannot find on any of the newest models in today’s market. The G13 gameboard keypad includes an LCD screen that provides a displays critical game start, analog stick for recording the precise movements while gaming, and on-board memory option along with these above features. The gaming keypad also ensures that you will enjoy the customizable RGB backlighting options that are in the keyboard, which keeps your game in more brilliant colors. This keypad with all the features is the best choice to choose from all around. The snapshot of the design includes 25 programmable keys with an analog stick attached, the switches are Logitech memory switches, customizable RGB backlight and finally ergonomics that are contoured design and contains intuitive LCD for providing the precise movements in the critical games.

3. NPET T10 Gaming Keypad

Best Gaming Keypads Pc 2020

When you are looking for the gaming keypad that has the feature of handling your best first-person shooter titles such as PUbG and Overwatch, then all you have to choose is the NPET T10 gaming keypad. This keypad contains features of 33 programmable keys, which are more when compared to the other gaming keypad in the market. These keypads are containing cutting-edge membrane switches that are built for NPET. Apart from these above features, there is also an option for resting palm and thumb that are made in the unit. This facility of the group ensures to provide more comfort and relaxed aim for the more crucial in-game moments. The 33 keys provide more playing options and features for the gaming creating more enthusiasm to play the games on PC. Along with these, the customizable RGB backlight profile facility in the keypad is also available, and this ensures to impress you better than what the other gaming keypad gives you. The snapshot of NPET T10 gaming keypad contains 33 programmable keys with customizable RGB backlight options, the switches are made of NPET membrane and finally includes the best ergonomics options with palm and thumb rest facilities for providing the comfort

4. AULA Excalibur Mechanical Gaming Keypad

Best Gaming Keypads Pc 2020

Are you looking for the best gaming keypad for playing pc games and other popular MMO? Then don’t look further than just getting the AULA Excalibur mechanical gaming keypad. The keypad is designed for games that require numerous controls as this one-handed keypad alone contains almost 60 buttons overall. Just bind the most used skills and rain terror upon your enemies. Along with these features, the keypad also equipped with custom blue mechanical switches. It also contains the customizable backlight option, so you just have to look forward to the ergonomics and styles of the keypad for the gaming option. The overall skim of the features of the gaming keypad AULA includes the design with 42 standards and 18 programmable keys together. It contains 60 buttons; the switches are made out of AULA mechanical features with customizable RGB backlighting options. The primary function of the gaming keypad includes the palm resting option and double-shot keycaps for proving the game a different throw that any other gaming keypad provides.

5. Koolertron Mechanical Gaming keypad

Best Gaming Keypads Pc 2020

The Koolertron mechanical gaming keypad, as the name suggests it contains a colorful keypad, which is a perfectly portable gaming accessory. The keypad gives you a vibrant look of the entire gaming pad as it is loaded with 23 programmable keys containing OUTEMU red switches, and a durable plexiglass shell for providing the gaming keypad unrivaled stability. When compared with that of windows and Mac, this keypad is no doubt an incredibly adaptable one and ready to get out of the box when compared to that of other keypads in the market. This keypad is best for the left and right-handed gaming person. In simple words, if you are looking at the best keypad for a right-handed gaming person or a left-handed gamer, then Koolertron mechanical gaming keypad is the right one to choose as this will do just the trick. The snapshot of the entire keypad includes 23 programmable keys with OUTEMU red switches that provide a vibrant appearance for the keypad, along with this the keypad contains customizable RGB backlighting options. On top of all, the ergonomics of the keypad comprises a durable plexiglass shell for providing better comfort and smoothness to the gaming.

6. GameSir Z1 Mechanical Gaming keypad

Best Gaming Keypads Pc 2020

If you are looking for some wireless gaming keypad, then GameSir Z1 mechanical gaming keypad comes first, and this is outfitted with Bluetooth technology that can be paired with the pc or any other monitors to play the game. The gaming keypad also contains cutting-edge technology with a lithium-ion battery, and thus the keypad gives more power and comfort for the gaming option. Combined with all these multi-platform compatibilities, this above mechanical gaming keypad is the best one for all favorite titles on PC. You can also enjoy Kailh Blue switches that are incorporated with the gaming keypad, which is identical to that of Cherry MX for stable actuation, and thus you can feel free to go to the highest speeding game options with these anti-slip keys and anti-ghosting technology. Along with these features, there is also a solid ergonomics that will impress you. The snapshot of the GameSir is that it contains 29 keys with Kailh Blue Switches, customizable RGB backlight option. The Ergonomics are no doubt to impress as they contain a wrist resting pad and anti-slip keys for providing a better grip while playing the games.

7. Sades Mechanical Gaming Keypad

Best Gaming Keypads Pc 2020

The Sades Mechanical gaming keypad is best and perfect for folks who wanted to play the game faster, and that’s because the features of the true plug-and-play functionality are always ready to go in an instant. The keypad is perfect for lovable tiles, including Apex Legends, PUBG, Fortnight, etc. The other reliable features of the keypad are that it contains 35 keys, which can be programmable within the game interface. Leaving apart the hassle behind with the preconfigured backlight without the customizable one like in other types, it is best to just relax with the soft palm resting option. The snapshot options of the gaming keypad include 35 standard keys that can be programmable with Sade’s black switches incorporated and contain the preconfigured RGB backlighting option. The added feature of the keypad is the soft palm resting option and plug-and-play design that makes it more comfortable for the ready to get into the game people.

8. DEEBOL Gaming Keypad

Best Gaming Keypads Pc 2020

If you are looking for the basic level keypad for gaming at the entry-level, choosing the DEEBOL gaming keypad is the right option, and it will do just the miracle. That is because it is available at an affordable price and doesn’t skim on many features. On the whole, you can just expect a basic programmable key that is placed on the top of the keypad with membrane switches, contains a built-in RGB backlighting facility, and a silica gel palm resting option that looks like a cloud – smooth and comfortable. When coming to the style, the back base is accented by the red WASD keys incorporated for its perfect pop of color. The other snapshots of this keypad include 46 standard and four programmable keys, which gives it’s the basic structure, with the DEEBOL membrane switches, and the keypad is preconfigured with the RGB backlighting option. The added features are the silica gel palm resting feature, which gives the user a comfortable play on the keypad.

9. Redragon K585 DITI Mechanical Gaming keypad

Best Gaming Keypads Pc 2020

Unleash the dragon inside you by playing with the Redragon K585, a formidable keypad for gaming that contains features a tactile profile, with the top-notch switching option and programmable macro keys that put your enemies into a crisp. At the top, it contains a detachable wrist rest as that creates a terror into the minds of the enemies. The gaming keypad comes with the compliment of a fully customizable RGB backlighting option that shines as equal to the Dragon fire. The snapshot of the gaming pad includes 42 keys with seven programmable options containing the OUTEMU blue switches and customizable RGB backlighting options incorporated with the keypad. The other feature that is to be highlighted is that the detachable wrist rest, which is the best ergonomic feature in the gaming keypad.

10. Razer Tartarus V2 Gaming keypad

Best Gaming Keypads Pc 2020

One of the best gaming keypads in the market is the Razer Tartarus V2 gaming keypad. The popularity of the keyboard was due to the face that it contains mecha-membrane switches that press and makes you feel like the feather in your hands. The keypad also featured with the 32 programmable keys that are on the top of the gaming keypad with the Razer Chroma RGB backlighting option. Once again, thanks to its cutting edge technology option that keeps the keypad best among the others in the market and also for its unraveling ergonomics options. The keypad also has powerful in-game performance that always keeps you at the top of the score and leaderboard when you start playing. Finally, the snapshot of the design includes 32 programmable keys with d-pad option, Mecha-Membrane switches that are made out of, and like other keypads, this also comes with customizable Razer chroma RGB backlighting option. The ergonomics takes the keypad to the high end as it contains a detachable palm resting option with adjustable positioning based on the user that keeps them comfortable while playing.

11. Corsair K95 RGB platinum

Best Gaming Keypads Pc 2020

When you wanted to upgrade the keypad and go to the extra miles to get the best out of the best, then it is harder to find the better one than the Corsair K95 Platinum. It is the biggest keyboard with the enormous footprint option, and of course, it needs to be cleaned before it can be used comfortably. Coming to its features, K95 contains media controls and a USB pass-through option, a metal volume wheel with an RGB backlighting option. The gaming keypad comes with the extra set of textured keycaps, and the pricing is affordable for the keypad as it is the basic model. The snapshots of the gaming pad include the detachable wrist rest option, which makes the game super comfortable for the long times’ sessions. The keypad is best for the strategy games and also for the super MMOs. Coming to the ergonomic features of the keypads, it contains the rubberized wristpad that can be attached mechanically and has contrasting textures: one rough side and the other have the smooth side. The switching among these sides is very easy as they can be just flipped over, and the comfort it brings is exceptionally good for the long session gamers. While testing the keys, we found that the key’s responses are excellent, and the keys are decently spread for varying hand sizes and a satisfying click for every press. The keys contain dimple to make you comfortable when you are not pressing down the keys and just resting on them. As the keypad satisfies all the basic requirements of the gaming keypad, it stands top of the plank pile in the market.

12. HyperX Alloy Elite RGB

Best Gaming Keypads Pc 2020

When you wanted to go for the high-quality gaming keyboard, then choosing the HyperX Alloy Elite is the best option. It comes with the choice of Cherry MX brown, red, and blue option. The keypad makes up the top with a reasonable price and quality with its best durable design option. The keypad leaves no box unchecked in its features as it is equipped with media controls, USB pass-through, detachable wrist rest option, and RGB backlighting facility. To make it more attractive, the keypad contains an extra set of silver keycaps and four number keys. The board comes with supports the N-key rollover option means the user need not worry about the key pressing which is not registered. The other features of the keypad include the standard variant of the Alloy elite lacking the RGB, which is the drawback of the model.

13. Razer Cynosa Chroma

Best Gaming Keypads Pc 2020

If you are looking for the demand for a full membrane type of keyboard with the best gaming experience, then Razer Cynosa chroma is the best option to choose from. This is the best affordable gaming keyboard while it lacks some of the features like wrist resting option or media controls, but contains RGB backlighting facility that can be again programmed on the key basics or applied by zones. It contains no-frills and best membrane board options for a huge range of gaming features. This is the Cynosa setup and comes with the real addition of the RGB under the glow option.

14. Logitech K840

Best Gaming Keypads Pc 2020

This is the best gaming keyboard for the games that are looking on the budget-friendly, and this Logitech’s proprietary Romer-G switch is the one that makes the miracle in this keypad. The keypad is designed with the Japanese switch giant Omron and was used for Logitech’s high-end board gaming. They have come up with a budget-friendly option for the very first time, with K80 being the top among them. Because you are finding the budget-friendly Romer-G switch, there is nothing in it to pay any extra on the K840. There are many drawbacks in this keypad as it doesn’t contain any backlighting option; keys are not so durable and friendly, letting this keypad off overtime.

15. Asus ROG Strix Scope

Best Gaming Keypads Pc 2020

This keypad is made for the function over form option. While it comes with the array of RGB backlighting option, the solid aluminum plate that supports is an understated one. It contains further features of solid, durable, and much reliable keyboard options that work perfectly as advertised without any gimmicks. It contains a wide range of Cherry’s RGB switches replacing its 3mm LED solution. It also provides a few qualities for appealing features for the shooters. The full macro customizable option is available with the keypad and with broadened left Ctrl key to provide easy hit during the tense of firefighting game without clicking accidentally on the other keys. The more compact version of the keypad is the form factor for the scope that makes it down to reach it easily when every necessary.


So far we have spoken about the best gaming pc keypads that are popular for the year 2020. Keeping all the above keypads into consideration, there are various types range from affordable prices to that of high prices based on their features and inbuilt technologies. One has to pick the right one of their choice after looking into the details of the keypads as each one varies. Of course, the main thing you have to keep in mind is the amount you are going to spend on, and all you have to do is to fix the right one of your choice. Just illuminate your dilemma in picking options among the variety of keypads.

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