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Top 15 Best BlueStacks Alternative Emulators (Windows/Mac) 2019

Posted on the 03 April 2019 by Ssghtc001

Independently our editors are looking, testing and recommending the best products/services. More about our review process can be found here. Some links can be used to send us a commission on purchases. Bluestacks has long been the best solution if you want to run Android apps or games on your PC. It is a very good emulator with many excellent features and a reputation for many years. It is not, however, the only emulator available. Actually, many others may be just as enjoyable for you, if not more. Here are the ten best options for Bluestacks and how they match the current emulator champion.

1. Andy  (windows , mac )

best bluestacks alternative emulators windows/mac 2019

Andy is a great, lightweight Android emulator for PC, intended primarily for games. It has lots of useful features such as cloud saves, mobile app sync, camera, and mic integrating, support for controlling Xbox and PlayStation and many more. It has also a nice function, which you can use as a touchscreen controller for connecting to your mobile device. It is free but available on the official website for Windows 7 and 8 only. The reason is that the software has been specially developed for use with Windows 7.1. No word is written about whether or not the future support for Windows 10 will be given.

2. GenyMotion  windows

best bluestacks alternative windows 2019
GenyMotion supports hardware acceleration and OpenGL like Bluestacks, which is an elegant way of saying that you can use the extra power of your graphics card or GPU on a computer. In theory, it means that games and apps on your PC should work much better. One feature is that you can customize the environment of GenyMotion so that it corresponds to a particular Android version or mobile device. This is great if you have an app or game you want to run but need a particular setting— Fortnite mobile needs a Samsung device, for instance. GenyMotion is free for desktop applications and games in the cloud, unlike its cloud service.

3. Nox  ( windows, mac)

best bluestacks alternative windows/mac 2019
Nox or Big Nox is an outstanding Android emulator with a vast array of features, many of them featured in the emulator menu. It supports keyboard mapping, gamepads, multi-window support and many more. You will notice, first of all, the user interface is easy to see when using Nox over the other emulators. A convenient taskbar on the right of the window provides fast access to the most convenient functions. But don’t worry; if you want to take your fullscreen application, you can hide it. Nox also provides a macro function to pre-recorded “touches” or screen clicks, which enables you to perform actions in the background. For example, this function allows you to perform certain actions in games while minimizing emulator. Nox is free and regular updates and makes one of the most stable and stable Android emulators that you can find.

4. Droid4X   windows

best bluestacks alternative windows 2019
Windows 10 running? Then Droid4X is the emulator that you need for Android. The mouse and touchscreen controls are adaptable. Multiple gamepads can be connected, or a keyboard can be used. You can record everything that happens on a streamer on the emulator screen, even better if you want Android-based tutorials to be created. It is totally free also with little or no announcements or interruptions. Some of the other emulators, such as Nox, are preloaded with advertising apps and content.

5. KO-Player windows

best bluestacks alternative windows

Partial to mobile games or Android? No player is ideal for emulation with high performance. It is built on the latest x86 architecture, meaning hardware acceleration support, OpenGL support, and improved performance. You can also run an emulator with multiple account sign-in, which allows you to not just run multiple windows but multiple environments at a time you can simultaneously play the same game with two separate accounts. Video recording, gamepad support, and built-in Google Play access are additional features.

6. MeMu  windows

best bluestacks alternative windows 2019
MEmu has the interface which is quite similar to Nox, or MEmu Play as it is now called. But in comparison, in terms of energy demands and performance, it is much lighter. Features include multiple instance support for AMD and Intel chipsets, gamepad compatibility and support.

7. YouWave  windows

best bluestacks alternative windows 2019
YouWave is the new kid on the block, but it offers Android 5.1.1 lollipop support that many other emulators still have. Sadly, you need to pay for the premium version in order to access Android 5.1. You’ll be restricted to Android 4.0 ICS if you want to download and use the free emulator. All are pretty standard, besides that. Android apps and games can be used and several additional functionalities can be taped including multi-instance support, dynamic screen rotating and more.

8. AmigaOS   windows

best bluestacks alternative windows 2019
AMIDuOS is an additional, rather new Windows Android emulator that allows you to open your desktop mobile games and apps. It supports the acceleration of hardware, OpenGL and peripheral controls such as cameras, speakers or microphones. Premiered and free, the emulator is now available to everyone free of charge.

9. Remix OS   windows

best bluestacks alternative emulators windows 2019
Remix OS is very different from those of the other emulators listed, even if incredibly capable. Instead, you can boot into a completely separate operating system running Android, which has been tailored to provide an experience of a desktop. A team consisting of former Google staff is developed by Jide Technology to remix, so they know what they do. You can use a portable USB device or a hard disk to install Remix OS and boot from it over most computers. However, Jive’s support for the platform has officially ended. It’s now stuck in an old version of the Android platform on Android Marshmallow (6.0).

10. Windroy  windows

best bluestacks alternative emulators windows/mac 2019
Windroy is a well-known Emulator for WindowsAndroid, which brings the YouWave and Bluestacks functionality into a single package. It is functioning fantastically, but there are a few quirks. For starters, apps and games are not audio filled with a large breaker for a large number of uses while running through Windroy. On the other hand, if you’re going with the background.n addition, no audio is good for a distraction-free experience if apps have to be installed manually by downloading the APK and moving it to an applications folder. There’s no Google Play access, and no way to update apps automatically — you have to. In addition, Socketeq developer appears to be AWOL, and some time ago the emulator was not updated. The Good News is, there are many other options available if you can’t look over these issues.

11. ArCHon windows

best bluestacks alternative emulators windows/mac 2019
ARChon isn’t just a big Android shot emulator and it doesn’t have a big fan, it’s more of a fix to run Android apps on Chrome OS. It began when Google supported 2 or 3 Android apps in Chrome’s web browser. Then, a developer from GitHub took it a bit more and released ARChon to run all Android apps on Chrome. The ARChon Android emulator is not suitable for hardcore play, but because of its easy access, it is excellent for using the productivity app.

12. Bliss OS

best bluestacks alternative windows 2019

Bliss OS is somewhat different than the emulators above. In the case of Android emulation, the Bliss OS itself is Android and needs installation as a separate OS on your Windows PC. You can use a Virtual Box or create a bootable USB discovery and install the Bliss OS ROM in the external storage for its installation. Now it’s better to install BLISS OS or any project based on Android x86 if you’re looking for the exact Android experience on your PC. Not to mention that Bliss OS is open-source and does not include ads or any clutter of Android emulators.

13. Tencent Gaming Buddy  windows

best bluestacks alternative windows 2019
Tencent Gaming Buddy is an excellent Android emulator that Tencent specially creates for its play, which makes it incredible for its compatibility and performance. However, you will play for PUBG on servers with the rest of the players using a PC to avoid unbalances. PC users could also play the mobile PUBG game with Tencent Gaming Buddy. Users can use the software to play the mobile versions of PUBG – PUBG: Army Attack and PUBG – Excellent Battlefield.

14. Virtual Box

best bluestacks alternative emulators windows/mac 2019

Virtual Box is different from the other top Android emulators on the list. It is also the hardest “emulator” available, as well as being just different. Virtual Box isn’t a single emulator. Rather, it is a tool to support the creation of your own. You will need several tools. Once you have the pictures, all of it is up to you to find the commands on the internet and guides. Can create their emulators for the user. Hundreds of guides are there.

15. Dolphin Emulator  windows / mac

best bluestacks alternative emulators windows/mac 2019
A dolphin emulator is perfect for running GameCube, Wii, and Nintendo on your PC. The high-quality definition is offered by it. This emulator, the best thing to note is that it is an open source project. Therefore, if any improvement is needed, anybody can edit. This is one of amazing quality graphics ‘ fastest and most stable emulator. It supports Wiimote as well. In terms of providing a good Wii console, this emulator is better than Bluestack.


We suggest downloading these emulators ‘ trial / free versions for the PC and testing them before going to the premium version. This will tell you whether the emulator is running smoothly on your PC / Mac. Those were, therefore, some of the best alternatives for Bluestacks on the market. We bet you’re not going to find a better choice than these. So, what do you expect? Try it now! Try it now!

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