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Top 15 Barber Shop Software

Posted on the 03 March 2019 by Savita Singh @Compgeekblog

Barber Shop Software is a new system for automating beauty business. It is created in the collaboration of salon business owners and professional developers. It combines basic tools with unique capabilities so that hairdressers and beauticians can reduce labour costs and automate all processes as much as possible: from customer service to the automation of purchases, various notifications, control of administrators and specialists, etc. There are many Barber Shop software available in the marketplace. We have listed some of them. Let's have a look.

Barber Shop Software

Top 15 Barber Shop Software

Simple Salon is the world's leading Barber Shop Software for all beauticians. It comes with several tools for the management of online bookings, marketing, accounting, reporting, etc. It has a point of sale (POS), business performance tracking, SMS reminders, Xero integration, client account management, payroll management, which allows you to automate the salon business up to a great extent. Use this salon management software to book online appointments with customers 24*7. Automated SMS and email reminders keep customers informed about their each and every activity. You can use them to send personalised messages to customers and increase their participation in the business.

Salonist is a highly lauded salon management software for all salons and spa centres. It is loaded with lots of features for inventory management, customer management, employee management, appointment management, etc. Its online booking module allows you to book appointments with customers using the CRM software itself or Facebook business page. Online appointments can be made 24*7 from all location on any Internet-enabled mobile devices. The CRM software automatically records customer's data and stores them on a cloud server, which prevents hacking attempts and unauthorised access. Use it to automate the salon and spa business and boost the profit margins up to a great extent.

It's an extremely useful hair & barber shop management system for all barbers. They can use it to process customer's orders, manage sales, automate business marketing activities, and swiftly perform other business activities.
This CRM software easily gets integrated with the website or business Facebook page and helps in lead generation. It automatically collects important business data and helps professionals in the online advertisement of the brand, creation of different reports, and personalised offers for customers. You can easily track all important business activities using this CRM software and explore new areas for further development.

Basically, Schedulista is a scheduling software, which allows salon business owners to book, schedule and accept appointments online 24*7. With its help, you can book appointments with customers on a website, a Facebook page, Emails or SMS. Hair stylists, personal trainers, chiropractors, accountants, can use this CRM software to automate important business activities, eliminate the need for working individuals, complete various tasks quickly, and boost the profit margins up to a great extent.

Artemiz is a feature-rich Barber Shop management App that allows barbershop owners to take care of online bookings, appointment scheduling, inventory, finances and reporting, marketing, employees, etc. It supports a free website builder, allowing you to create responsive websites with a customized logo, brand colours and photos in an easy way. This CRM software can also be operated through Internet-enabled mobile devices. Employee scheduling and workforce management tools allow you to manage your staff in accordance with work pressure & serve all customers without any fuss.

SuperSalon is said to be complete salon management for small, medium and large-scale salon centres. It is based on cloud servers which promise secured centralized data storage and access. It offers includes Point of Sale (POS) capabilities, which enables you to make transactions quickly. This CRM software helps you to build a customer base swiftly with personalized offers. Automated SMS and Email alerts keep customers informed and help them receive the requested services easily & effortlessly.

Versum is an ideal hair salon and spa management software, which allows you to streamline the main activities of your salon or spa and improve customer service by leaps and bounds. It features appointment scheduling, customer records management, staff management, and real- time reports to help you automate salon business activities. You can use this tool on all internet-enabled devices from all locations and multiply the business volume in a few days.

Abitzu is a mobile salon and spa business management software which comes with several features for scheduling, billing and receipts, referrals, loyalty points, attendance, reports, inventory, prepaid gift cards, packages, etc. This software allows you to take care of appointment booking, rescheduling, multiple payments mode, staff performance, reports, audits, product sales, etc. The CRM software automatically delivers SMS and Email notifications to customers regarding all important business activities and keep them informed.

SalonTarget perfectly fits the needs of all salon and sap business owners. With its help, you can easily book appointments with customers on all Internet-enabled devices. The software sends automated reminders to customers through SMS and Email notifications. Automatic data storage and optimisation is another important feature of this CRM software, which helps in business personalisation. It also offers the in-depth analysis of customer visits, revenue collection, retail sales, etc, and lets you know the progress or your salon or spa business in real-time.

Shedul is an excellent online booking and scheduling solution for all individuals involved in salon and spa business. It can be accessed from all devices using the global internet. With its help, you can book appointments with customers on the software itself, website, and Facebook page. With calendar management, automated SMS reminders, online booking, customer management, an activity dashboard, POS, sales reporting, etc, the CRM software aims to streamline salon and spa business owners.

With this salon & spa management software, salon business owners can easily manage appointments, clients and staff. Salon business becomes easier with its useful features, such as appointment management, client & staff management, marketing services and reporting. It also allows you to track the progress of your business and find out shortcomings. With automated data collection and optimisation, SMS and Email reminders, and POS software
integration, this CRM software enables you to control your salon or spa business and make it more profitable.

SalonMonster is a widely used online booking software for all salon business owners. It offers tools for staff management, client management, products sales, reporting, etc. With this CRM software, you can book appointments with clients by showing the service provider, service type, date, and available time slots, etc. All appointments are confirmed automatically through SMS and Email reminders. The CRM software is equipped with POS, which helps
cashiers to make calculations easily and generate revenues by selling more products and services.

In brief, envision is a spa & salon business management with lots of useful features aimed at streamlining different activities of salon and spa business. With a POS software and built-in scalability feature, it perfectly suits all salon and spa business owners. Automated Email and SMS alerts, loyalty programs and memberships, different types of reporting, etc, are some useful features of this CRM software, making it different from other salon management

With this cloud-based salon & spa management software, salon business owners can easily manage customers, appointments, staff schedules, payments, discounts, expenses, etc, in a few clicks. It facilitates online appointment booking, business automation, tracking, business mobility, automatic storage and optimisation of customer's data and business personalisation- all in one software. With integrated POS, you can easily make complex calculations and
increase revenues by leaps and bounds by selling more beauty services & products.

It is a very useful spa and salon management CRM software for single salon business owners. You can automate all important activities of the salon business, such as online appointment, customer management, generation of bills and reports, online transactions, data storage and optimisation, business tracking. You can use this CRM software free of cost for 30 days as a trial period. After that, you need to subscribe to its premium version. The software automatically sends SMS and Email reminders to customers and keep customers informed about business operations.

Final Words

Barber Shop Software has now become a necessity for all salon and spa business owners. It helps them to complete business assignments easily with little involvement of human input, reduce the possible or errors, serve a large number of customers, and boost the profit margins greatly.

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Top 15 Barber Shop Software

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