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Top 10 Tips For Choosing The Right Mattress

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

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The first ‘mattresses’ used by cavemen were just piles of leaves and grasses, much like a bird’s nest. It used to be simple that way. Today mattresses come in better shapes and sizes. However, there are so many different types of mattresses that choosing one would make your head spin. Or, you might fall into the mattress salesman’s sweet talk, and end up buying the wrong mattress.

To avoid that scenario, we have here laid out ten pro tips that will help you tackle the mattress market with an informed head.

1. Set Your Budget

Streamline your budget. There are hundreds and thousands of mattress varieties out there. A quick check in google will let you know the price range of mattresses online, and then you can fix a budget accordingly. Once you’re sure of how much you’re willing to shell out, you’ll be in a better position to narrow down your choices for the best quality mattress at the most reasonable price.

2. Understand the kind of Mattress that would suit you

There might be a gazillion names for the kind of mattress your seller would offer you, but basically there are 5 kind of mattress that you should know about:

Innerspring Mattress: These kind of mattresses have springs or coils for supporting your body. The higher the coil count in the mattress, the better support it provides. Above these coils are latex or memory foam which give you a comforting experience

  • Best for- These mattress offer firmer support to heavier people or people with back pain, making it easier for them to get in and out of bed.

Memory Foam Mattresses: These mattresses are like soft soil, adjusting to the shape of your body. Since the foam layers are temperature sensitive, it can get warmer over the night while sleeping.

  • Best for- People with constant backaches. The memory foam eases the pressure points and results in reducing pain.

Latex Mattresses: These are known to provide a uniform firmness and bouncy support to your body across the bed.

  • Best for- These mattresses are made up of natural or synthetic rubber, making it firm, supportive and suitable for every person.

Sofa Beds: The mattresses of these beds are comparatively thinner, making them flexible enough to fold and turn into a couch.

  • Best for- They are useful, if you have guests sleeping over your place.

3. Firm or Plush – which is your type?

If you’re already looking out for a mattress, there is a great chance you’ve already heard these terms – extra firm, firm, plush and ultra plush. They indicate nothing but the softness of the mattress (the names are in increasing order of softness). You are the best judge to decide what kind gives you and your body maximum comfort.

FYI, firm mattress is great for stomach sleepers, while side sleepers should go for slightly plush or soft mattress to cushion shoulders and hips.

4. Get your doctor’s advice

Not every mattress works for your body. If you have a medical condition, then it’s best to consult your doctor when you are buying a mattress.

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5. Is your mattress supportive enough?

There is no less or much here. The ideal mattress should support your body neutrally. To elaborate more on this,  your mattress should give a nice curvature to your spine, supporting your head, shoulders, heels and buttocks in proper alignment. You would not want to go for a very firm mattress (as it will push your pressure points, ruining your alignment) or a very soft mattress (as these will not support the pressure points appropriately).

6. Do not hesitate to take a test drive of your mattress

Take your pillow along and have a test sleep (at least 15 minutes) on the mattress you intend to buy. No kidding! Replicate the way you normally sleep and see if you find your earned level of comfort.

To find out whether a mattress is good for you, you need to sleep over it for a few days, and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you feel the urge to change sides almost every 10-20 minutes while you’re trying to sleep?
  • Do you experience irregular sores or body aches when you get up?
  • Do you feel regularly dull after getting up in the morning?

If you answer yes to any questions, may be it’s not the right mattress for you.

7. Go through all the price points that comes in your budget

Do not hesitate to ask for varieties and options available with the seller. Go from the highest to the lowest mattresses and assess each of them carefully by the level of comfort. This will help you purchase a good mattress that suits your comfort and budget.

8. Take an extra spring box as an add on with your mattress

Overtime, as you use your mattress, the the springs will get compressed, thereby changing the spring structure. To ensure the firmness, it’s recommended that you purchase an extra spring box while buying your mattress.

9. Don’t get fooled by the thickness of your mattress

Most salesperson fool people into believing that more the thickness of the mattress, the better comfort it provides. But, this is not true at all. Always listen to your body and choose the comforting mattress rather than going for the “thick” mattress.

10. Check your warranty and protect your investment

Look for a minimum 10-year full replacement or non-prorated warranty. Also, do not forget to ask for only waterproof mattress protector.


Sleeping on the wrong mattress can cause you back pains and spoil your day even before it begins. Hopefully, the above tips will help you make a good purchase. Always remember, it’s your money, your back and your comfort. The time you spend in researching and testing mattresses is totally worth the peaceful sleep you get once you crack the best option.


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