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Top 10 Things to Include In Your Wedding Program

In keeping with the wedding details portion of the season, I thought I'd publish a post about the elements of your wedding program.
You and your fianceé's names, name of church and date - The cover of your wedding program features the basics of your wedding.  You can begin with: 'The Wedding Ceremony of', 'The Wedding Uniting', 'Our Wedding', etc.  After that, your full names, and below that in smaller type, the date (does not need to be formally written like you would on the invitation), name of the church and location. You can also add an illustration of the church!
Top 10 Things to Include In Your Wedding ProgramTop 10 Things to Include In Your Wedding Program

Wedding Party - The wedding party CAN list everyone associated with the wedding.  More would include the Officiant, parents and grandparents of the bride and groom, ushers and musicians. Less would include the portion of the bridal party that is a part of the procession. How the members of the bridal party are related to the bride and groom has become a popular notation in the last few years as well.  For example, Maid of Honor, Kathy Smith - best friend of the bride.
The Order of Ceremony - The order of your wedding service. The processional music, the entrance of the parents, any scriptures used and if there is room, you always want to explain any rituals that are performed so that your guests will know the meaning behind them. This is especially true of Jewish weddings.
Top 10 Things to Include In Your Wedding Program

Thank You - This is the area to thank the guests, and to thank your parents if applicable.  I've seen a general message to everyone that simply reads: "Thank you for sharing in our special day..." as well as lengthy, specific thank you notes listing people by name with a special thank you to parents and grandparents noted separately.
In Memory of - There is usually always some kind of "memoriam" to acknowledge and honor those who were close to the couple, but who have passed on. Don't be afraid to honor these people during the ceremony as well with a candle or other symbol.
Your New Address - The programs might as well be functional right? Many couples purchase new homes right before their weddings and its nice to let everyone know your new address! This is especially appropriate if you have ordered keepsake quality ceremony programs.
Pictures of you and your fianceé (childhood and adult) - I have done a few programs where couples wanted to show pictures of themselves either as a younger couple, or simply pictures of themselves as children. These are adorable and will give your guests something to look through before the ceremony begins.
Top 10 Things to Include In Your Wedding Program
Your story - Sometimes a couple has a compelling story of how they got together. Don't be afraid to share it here, especially if you have some empty pages. Guests that you are not as closely acquainted with will love to know more about your union. 
Directions to the reception - Back to point about the program being functional! Let guests know any special notes about what will happen next. The location of the reception, directions, shuttle details, etc.
Tissues to collect happy guest's tears - This could be considered dated, but I have seen tissues make a small comeback. Ask your stationer if they are able to create a small pocket or small belly band for some tissues. This is a nice touch and I'm sure close family and friends will put them to use as they witness you and your fianceé's love on display!
No matter what, have fun developing your programs and remember that they are a reflection of you and your fianceeé's personal style! --ct

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