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Top 10 NHL 13 Features to Be Excited About

Posted on the 06 September 2012 by Gamermonkey

NHL 13

NHL 13 is almost here. As one of the most anticipates EA SPORTS games, I thought I'd provide a quick rundown of some new features and a couple that make a return. Now, there seems to be a war on with NFL and NHL fans over these games. Some are the diehards who buy every Madden NFL game that comes out year after year, while others' loyalties lie with NHL and the games that come out each year. Many have spoken out about what they feel are the shortcoming of the new Madden NFL 13. Many are even crying foul over the loss of some fan favorite game features (In no particular order of importance) . Not surprisingly, many are worried that NHL 13 might not live up to the hype just like NFL 13.  It sounds like this game holds promise and potential. But it wouldn't be the first time an EA SPORTS game failed to deliver on its promises. We'll have to wait and see. Fingers crossed folks.

NHL 13 First Look Gameplay Youtube vid by EA SPORTS


1. Gm Connected: Allows players to play, coach, and manage against or with friends with their very own 30 team league.
2. NHL Moments Live: Players can replay some of the biggest and most exciting and memorable moments   in NHL. The challenge is to see if you can emulate some of your hockey heroes or even outperform some of their greatest feats and accomplishments.
3. EA Sports Hokey IQ: Reportedly an complete overhaul of to the NHL AI system. Players are fully aware of all players on the ice which means more quick and realistic decision making. For example, the Goalie can recognize "Potential" threats and prepare in advance like in real life and even perform desperate saves. In addition, players will be able to utilize a customizable set of real-world hockey systems and strategies on the ice. And what I think players will really love is the reported ability for players to make their own plays and implement them for the player AI during play.
4. True Performance Skating: New system of real-world physics with over 1,000 gameplay animations creates the most realistic NHL game to date. The Motion Capture really shows through. The Skill Stick and increased emphasis on player speed and momentum will enable players to try new tactics and maneuvers. Just like in real life, the faster a player is going, the harder it is to turn, decreases passing and shooting accuracy, and makes it harder to receive passes.
5. Gary Thorne and Bill Clement: As in NHL 12, Throne and Clement will provide the commentary of NHL 13. Some like em, others don't. What about you?
6. For the First Time: Two female hockey players will be playable on the ice. Of course, as many of you know, in NHL 12 you could simply create female players should you choose to do so. In NHL 13, Haley Wickenheiser and Angela Ruggiero are the added players.
7. Rating System: Players wanted a better rating system after playing NHL 12. In NHL 13 players are rated based on their skill and performance in their position. Players are also rated on a five star system based on attribute values in the six categories of shooting, puck skills, senses, skating, physical, and defense. Also, each team's overall rating of offense, defense, and goaltending is based on five stars as well rather than out of 100 possible points.
8. GM Brain: The trade logic of AI GMs and users has been improved. Players can demand a trade on their teams. When the player demands a trade, their GM evaluates the player's performance before placing them on the trading block. Players also have the option to retire at any point during their career.
9. Goalie controls: The controls for the goalie have seen some changes, for better or worse remains to be seen. Now, instead of using the right analogue stick to make a manual save, the right stick is used to anticipate a save
10. EA Sports Hokey League: It's back and has some of the same features like club Captains and matchmaking is reported to be improved upon. The eleven professional leagues from 12 will be in NHL 13.

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