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Top 10 Most Popular (NON BLOCKED) Torrent Sites in March 2019

Posted on the 14 March 2019 by Ssghtc001

Well, law enforcement has been cracking down on torrent sites. Many of the big torrenting sites have been shut down forcefully or closed their operations out of fear.

But, you don’t have to worry because we have compiled a list of 10 most popular torrent sites that are still working in March 2019.

Check them out below.

Top 10 Most Popular (NON BLOCKED) Torrent Sites in March 2019


best torrent site 2019

The now-defunct YTS and YIFY groups have a successor in the all-new YTS.AM torrent site. This one offers an extensive YIFY collection of movies. If you are new to torrenting then you should know that YIFY and YTS were the most popular ways to torrent the latest movies and after shutting down, torrenters were on the lookout for something different.

Well, now this all-new torrent sites is a great way to curb your appetite for YTS releases. You will find a great collection of YIFY torrents on this site. However, the collection is not as extensive as other top torrent sites, but still, it’s something.


best non blocked torrent sites 2019

If you are a movie enthusiast then you are going to fall in love with RARBG because this torrent site is dedicated to movies and high-resolution video torrents. It’s filled with the highest quality of movie and video torrent.

Best of all, there are specially curated top 10 lists for different movies and genres that you can check out. These lists help people out in deciding what movie to watch/download next. The page for each torrent offers detailed information about the content which includes, but not limited to file size, upload date, number of seeders, etc. RARBG focuses on quality rather than quantity.

3.KickAss Torrents

best non bloced torrent site

KickAss torrents was one of the top torrent sites back in the day. However, it was shut down by law enforcement and it’s owners either scrambled or ended up in jail.

Some of the previous staff members thought they should continue the kickass (pun intended) legacy and rebuild a similar looking site from scratch. They didn’t have access to the original code, so they had to rebuild it from scratch, however, that’s for the best because the original code was riddled with security issues.

The all-new Kickass torrent site offers an extensive collection of torrents in a plethora of different categories which include, but not limited to movies, TV shows, books, music, and more.

4. Torlock

best torrent sites 2019

Oh, if you are looking for a torrent site that claims to only offer verified torrents then Torlock is the site for you. They actually pay you $1 for each fake torrent that you find on their site and report. So, through this reward, there have been numerous reports for fake torrents and the site is now filled with millions of verified original torrents.

They offer an extensive collection of torrents in movies, TV, games, software, and more. All the torrents have details shown on the download page where you can check the health of the torrents and other details.

5.  1337X

best non blocked torrent site 2019

1337X doesn’t offer as extensive of a collection as other torrent sites, but they offer a plethora of obscure torrents that you won’t be able to find on any other torrent sites. If you are looking for some old torrent file and can’t find it anywhere else, then there’s a high chance that you will find it on 1337X torrent site.

However, you should know that they are riddled with pop-up ads as well. If you have Adblock or pop-up blocker installed then there shouldn’t be any problem. But, if you don’t then you will have to perform 2 clicks to do anything. One click to open the pop-up ad in a new window and the second click to actually perform the action you want. Regardless of that, it’s still an amazing torrent sites with an extensive collection of old and new torrents.

6. The Pirate Bay

best non blocked torrent site 2019

The big daddy of torrenting sites. The premier destination for all your torrenting needs. The gold-standard of torrent sites. The Pirate Bay has been around forever, in one form or another. Their extensive collection of torrents has always been trusted by everyone.

They have undergone a lot of pressure through different sources, but The Pirate Bay keeps on living. They keep moving around to different domains and servers, but they haven’t gone down, so far. TPB is considered the best site for all types of torrents ranging from movies to applications. You will mostly find VIP uploaders that offer trusted and original torrents.

7.  TorrentDownloads

best non blocked torrent site 2019

TorrentDowloads is a torrent site focused on offering high-quality original torrents. They have a simple torrent detail page that provides all types of information regarding the torrent file. Apart from that, they have a large collection of high-quality torrents in multiple categories.

They also provide the users with the ability to rate torrent files and comments which helps cut down on the number of fake torrents on the site.

8. Sky Torrents

best non blocked torrent site

Sky Torrents offer a large collection of torrents, since, it’s a torrent search engine and sources the torrents from other sites like YTS, The Pirate Bay, etc. The best thing about this site is the fact that they focus on protecting your privacy and don’t track any activities at all.

You will find almost any torrent that you want through Sky Torrents. From old software to the latest movie releases, everything is available on this amazing torrent site.


best torrent sites 2019

EZTV has been one of the premier destinations for downloading TV shows. The original EZTV torrent site was shut down after a hostile takeover back in 2015. New owners quickly relaunched the site with the same content. They constantly release new torrents on the site, but their relationship with other torrent site has been iffy due to their history.


best non blocked torrent site 2019

If you are an anime fan then you definitely remember the original NYAA torrent site. Well, the site has been reincarnated in the form of and offers a huge collection of anime torrents. All the latest and old animes including anime movies are available on NYAA in high-quality resolution.

Final words

Hopefully, the above-mentioned torrent sites will be able to quench your thirst for the latest torrents. Feel free to let us know about your favorite torrent site that’s still working.

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