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Top 10 Golden Rules for Effortless Makeup- Part 2

By Jhilmil D Saha @jhilmildsaha

 So here I come up with the 2nd part of my Top 10 Golden Rules of Effortless Makeup. 

10 Golden Rules of Effortless Makeup:

6. Select a bit lighter shade than your original eyebrows: Eyebrows frame your facial features. I personally believe if I leave my eyebrows a bit bushier and fuller my appearance look more youthful. So I never aim on getting a perfect arch shaped brow look. It is also best to get a eyebrow pencil or pomade that is a bit lighter than your original eyebrow color. This will definitely give a a more naturally pretty look, much like a Frenchwoman's approach to keep it Au Naturel.

Top 10 Golden Rules for Effortless Makeup- Part 2

7. Trust on Pink eye shadows if not anything: You want to apply an eye shadow but are not sure which is the one that will suit any outfit, or will be suitable for any occasion? Trust me and trust on a subtle pink eye shadow. In fact your blush can also do that job. apply a small amount and just blend it with a blending brush on your entire lid. If you want a bit of dewiness going on your eyes too, just apply a bit of shimmer on the center of your lid. Remember to blend it nicely to make it appear subtle. Because again, less is more for us.

8. Open up your eyes like a moviestar: This is a trick I have been following the most recently and its working like magic. Take a good eye pencil or kajal that can draw precise lines. Tightline your eyes, i.e., line your upper waterline. Then you can apply your main eyeliner the way you would want to. Personally I do it in a normal way, neither too thin nor too thick only creating a very small wing at the end and then adjusting it with a cuetip so that the wing does not look very prominent. Now its time to play with your mascara. Apply a voluminous mascara only on the outer lashes and for the rest of your lashes you can use a separating one that does not add too much volume. Believe me you will not need lashes. Then apply the same seperating mascara on your lower lashes concentrating more on the center part. 

Top 10 Golden Rules for Effortless Makeup- Part 2

9. Play with your Blush and highlighter: The way you apply your blush can change your look entirely. Take a blush that best complements your complexion. Rely more on creme blushes. They can act wonders to create a radiant look. Start applying with a small dot on the center of your cheeks and than spread it with a blush brush or swift strokes of your finger. Blend it nicely to soften it. Now if you want to apply a highlighter create a < > shape around your eyes and softly tap it. you can apply it with a fan brush too. 

10. Blur the edges of your bright lipstick: If you are wearing lipsticks in bright pink, red, mauve or wine, after the application take a blending brush and swiftly blend on top of the lipstick to give it a softer appearance. Effortless makeup should be softer and look less obvious.

Top 10 Golden Rules for Effortless Makeup- Part 2

So, these were the 10 Golden Rules of effortless makeup. It is not that you have to follow all the rules everytime. But you can just try these tricks out whenever you want to. Other than this you need to keep in mind few points like 

*investing in few makeup brushes like foundation, eye shadow blender, blush 

* not neglecting open areas like shoulders or neck while applying foundation

* applying highlighter on your collar bones

* Learning to make work a  single product in different ways like turning your lipstick into a creme blush or an eyeshadow to a highlighter for quick fixes or touches.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this post about makeup tricks to get effortless looking makeup. Do you have any tips to share too. Please write in the comments section below.

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