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Top 10 Golden Rules for Effortless Makeup-Part 1

By Jhilmil D Saha @jhilmildsaha

 Hello beautifuls, sorry for being MIA for so long. But those who follow me on my Instagram and Youtube know that I had been pretty active there. Now I am back and have got a few handy makeup tips for you. 

Top 10 Golden Rules for Effortless Makeup-Part 1

My Makeup Philosophy:

Recently I have been receiving complements on my makeup. I must say one of the good things that the lockdown has given me is tbe time to experiement with my makeup. I have always believed in Less is more when it comes to makeup and have never tried to hide my imperfections. Rather I have always focused on enhancing my highlighted feature. Keeping in mind these things and without changing my makeup philosophy, I just made 10 Easy Golden Rules.

10 Golden Rules of Effortless Makeup:

1. Start Highlighting Skin from Skincare: Gone are those days when people used to look out for matte skin. Its time for dewy or cream skin. One of the key features of dewy skin is moist looking skin on our highlighted features like on top of cheeks, center of forehead, bridge of nose, cupid bow and chin area. To get this look we need to build up the dewiness from the skincare stage like while applying serum or moisturizer. Start concentrating the application more on those areas where you are going to apply the hilighter.

Top 10 Golden Rules for Effortless Makeup-Part 1

2. Mix an illuminator/liquid hilighter/priming oil with your foundation/ BB cream: This is one of the most effective tips. Try to mix a small amount of illuminator or liquid highlighter with your foundation. At times when you dont want a subtle glowing face mix a bit of glow serum or oil with Foundation

3. Cover with concealer more and Foundation less: One of the best things that Korea has given us is BB creams. If you want a natural looking makeup rely more on BB creams and concealers for coverage. In case you are using foundation try to pick the ones that has moistirizing properties like serum foundations.

Top 10 Golden Rules for Effortless Makeup-Part 1

4. Apply Setting Powder only on Areas where it gets shiny:  I have seen people applying powder on their entire face. This is going to make your look cakey.Remember our aim is to achieve effortless makeup. So apply your powder wisely.

5. Rely on bronzers for contoured look: Instead of using a contour powder or stick invest in a good bronzer. If you are looking for a dewy yet conyoured face without making you look too cakey or made up, apply a good bronzer on the areas that need to be contoured.

These were the 1st 5 Golden Rules of Effortless Makeup. I will continue with the rest 5 in my next post.

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