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Top 10 CPM Ad Networks

Posted on the 13 February 2013 by Butterchicken @vivekkrishnan

Over a period of time bloggers realize that CPM ads are important. To make money blogging here is a post with top 10 CPM ad networks. While Pay per click ads are usually the ads that most sites display, you might also want to try out CPM model of advertising since they help you make money of every visitor. Typical CPM payments are in the range of $1-4 per 1000 impressions depending on your niche and quality of blog. Google, direct traffic etc. convert well, however, if you are having little success in the click through rate for those ads then you aren’t really making any money.

With CPM you can monetize every visitor coming to your site. Especially, traffic from sources such as Stumbleupon, Digg etc. which almost never click on your CPC ads rendering them of no value. A CPM ad will essentially help you make more money if a lot of your traffic from inorganic sources.

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Benefits of CPM Ad Networks

  • Easily place on your site
  • Good money.
  • Quick and easy ad implementation.
  • $1-8 for traffic which otherwise would not have made you any mony!
  • Can be used along with Google Adsense or any other network you use.
  • An additional income stream apart from you other ad sources.

Here is a list of top paying CPM Ad networks where you can sign up right now to make money.

Value Click

CPM ad networks



Casale Media


Burst Media

Double Click


Say Media

Gorilla Nation






Tribal Fusion

These was a comprehensive list of cpm ad networks where you can sign up. However, you might face issues in some of these networks since they require a minimum traffic threshold before they accept you into their publisher program. Just ensure that you carefully consider on how to combine a Google ad network or CPC ad with the CPM ads from these networks to make the most money you can off your blog.

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