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Top 10 Blogging Books

Posted on the 07 February 2013 by Butterchicken @vivekkrishnan

Blogging books to know everything about blogging. There are hundreds of books that get released on a daily basis pertaining to ‘blogging’. However, in all of these hundreds there are hardly one percent that are worth reading and recommending. Browse through the various titles that you come across on the topic and you will see most of the content is repetitive or rewritten in a different style. It was only a few years ago that the concept of blogging just shot up in the virtual world making it a popular trend. This gave rise to several wise thinkers who thought of having their thoughts on the topic penned in black and white. Thus came the outburst of the books on blogging, mostly same content in different wordings. However, there have been a few that are really noteworthy; they have been mentioned below.

top bloggin books
A Blogger’s Manifesto: Free Speech and Censorship in a Digital World

Erik Ringmar, the author of this really informative book has given a clear perspective about blogging. This book was released in the year 2007. All those who have interest in the political and social implications of the blogs and blogging have given a very positive response to this piece of art and talent. In one of the chapters, Ringmar claims that the taken for granted right of speech was actually once upon a time one man’s revolution.

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On Writing Well

This is a classic that will never be forgotten. The text in it is as much as relevant as it was when it released some many years ago. William Zissner spun out some magnificent content. It has pre dated the blogosphere by about 30 years. It is one non-fiction styled classic that has every blogger on it to!

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Blogging Heroes: Interviews with 30 of the World’s Top Bloggers

Written by Michael A. Banks, this book reaches or rather comes from the heart of every true blogger. It was published in the year 2008 and features some very detailed interviews with several notorious bloggers like Brian Lam and Ken Fisher.

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Hot Text: Web Writing That Works

If you want to learn about the much refined and detailed writing aspects on the net then writer Lisa Price has got just the right book for your reference. It covers in it all the theoretical and historical perspectives that one would need to know to enhance their online writing skills.

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Content Rules

Content Rules has been written by Social media scholar C.C. Chapman in collaborative efforts with Ann Handley. This book provides a broad overview of the several forms and nuances of the online content. It is not at all restricted to blogging; Handley and Chapman churn out the most effective concepts of writing web content.

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ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income

Released in 2010 this book unleashed the secrets of the professional bloggers, popularly known as Probloggers. Written by Chris Garett and Darren Rowe, one really gets an insight on  how to be the best blogger and a class apart. As per the reviews it has received, it is considered the best ever book written on the particular subject.

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Twitter Power 2.0: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time

Many people do not consider Twitter and Blogging on the same note. However, this book, a creation by Joel Comm makes you think otherwise. He even argues that Twitter is a powerful marketing tool and also a force that must be reckoned with.

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Essential Blogging: Selecting and Using Weblog Tools

The authors behind this book are some of the very best in the blogging space. The content in this book speaks for itself. It is an all inclusive guide that takes you through the tricks of the trade when it comes to blogging. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced blogger, you would definitely have some good takeaways from this book.

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Publish and Prosper: Blogging for Your Business

Written by Steve Brobak and DL Byron, this book beautifully takes one through the entire process and end result of blogging, more like a story unwinding page by page. Some of the most sensitive and difficult questions have been answered by the authors in this book. A totally different perspective on internet marketing is what comes out from this piece of intelligence.

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Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable

In the internet space, who doesn’t know of Seth Godin? A series of continuous positive blogosphere has been brought about by him in this book.  It is not really a book on blogging but definitely offers useful general tips that can be used to make blogging a success.

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I hope this list of blogging books was useful. Feel free to suggest more!

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