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Top 10 Best Text Message Background Changing Apps (android/iphone) 2018

Posted on the 24 June 2018 by Ssghtc001

As we all know that while using default android/ios text messenger it is not possible to change its background, and we have to stick to that boring background provided by the operating system. So certainly there are two ways out of this situation one of which is downloading and installing one of the most popular texting apps from Play Market and use it your default messenger, while the other option is that you can download an additional program to change your default messenger background and theme. So here with this post we will come up with some of the best apps in the android/ios market that will add some amazing themes and backgrounds to the default messenger of your device.

top 10 bes text mesaage backgroung chaning apps android 2018

1.sms wallpaper changer background

best text message background changing app android 2018
Handcent is one of the best message background changing apps that is available on google play store and can be downloaded for free. This SMS background changing application is a pretty much powerful tool for managing SMS / MMS themes. Not only the app has an array of features and functions but the fine-tuning of the interface and design allows users to create a completely unique designs and themes that will best suit your device. Besides the amazing interface and features the app has ability to interact with the online services like use the vault, create your own records and back ups makes the application the best in its class.
Handcent Themes  allows users to download additional themes for their devices default messenger. From an array of available themes, users can choose the themes accordingly.

2.Mood Messenger

best text message background changing app android 2018

Mood messenger is one of the best and the most popular message background changing app in our list of 2018. For working with sms Mood Messenger must be assigned as the default application. The application has a very unique and a user friendly interface which is divided into two windows, the first has chain of messages while the second consists of contacts. Mood Messenger comes with an array of themes and backgrounds to choose for your messenger background. With this application you can even upload your own pictures and use them as a wallpaper too.


best text message background changing app android 2018

Evolve sms sits on the third place of our list of Top 10 best text message background changing apps android/ios 2018. It is the best application for working with SMS. The user friendly interface and the variety of themes and wallpapers in this app makes it the best in the market. Besides the ordinary functions that other message background changing apps have there are some special functions in the program such as password setting, data archiving, deleting a separate SMS or dialog, two widgets for the lock screen and the desktop. Apart from this there are even customizable wallpapers for each of your contacts which will make the sms chat much more interesting than before, as while messaging each contact will have a different background.


best text message background changing app android 2018

Textra has everything that one can expect from a message background changing app, This is the reason why the app is on our list of top 10 best text message background changing apps android/ios 2018. Besides the charming interface it is the most user friendly app available in the market with features such as fine tunig of the background themes, selection of color of the background screen etc. It is also possible to parameterize the theme of the background and choose the main color and even its accent.The app features doesn’t ends here as users can not only change the color of the texts for each contact but can also change the color of the application icon and save it to the background of your device.

5.Go SMS Pro

best text message background changing app android 2018
Go SMS Pro is such an app that not only provides message background changing features but also has several other features which makes this app one of the best in the android market. There are several basic functions: setting up pop-up windows with the ability to respond quickly, blacklisting, sending SMS on schedule, huge options for customizing the interface . In Go SMS Pro you can customize almost anything and everything. Besides this the users can adjust the font size of the text and color of messages, contacts, time, and can even select the distance between lines, wallpaper and even the color of the message separator.


best text message background changing app android 2018

The app being the best in the market is available for free at play store. With this app users can customize their sms screen and can completely change the way their messenger app used t look through sms themes 2018. The app has the collection of latest themes and wallpapers for your devices.


best text message background changing app android 2018

The app is the cutest app available on the android market. The app not only have the cutest and prettiest themes and backgrounds but it also have some imaginative themes which makes this app a unique one from others. Besides the unlimited themes and backgrounds the app comes with the feature of blocking unwanted contacts.


best text message background changing app android 2018

The app is the most unique app in the play store and on our list of Top 10 best text message background changing apps android/ios 2018. With the amazing user friendly interface top notch backgrounds the app is based in the darkness and is surrounded by the joker character. This joker in this app is the best thing about this app, that makes the app completely unique.


best text message background changing app android 2018

If you want to make your phone look cooler and smarter than this app is highly recommended for you. This app provide users with unique themes and very smooth typing experience on their device default messenger app. Not only it comes with unique themes and keyboard backgrounds but it has some awesome functions which are beyond imaginations, so download it today from play store.


best text message background changing app android 2018

Through this app users can give a luxurious feel to their phones by adding gorgeous diamonds as their device’s theme. After downloading it free from the play store you can install it very easily and can make beautiful diamond themes as your messenger’s background and can feel like a diva for sure.


So guy’s these are the best text message background changing apps android/iphone 2018.
Now chat with style personalise your chat screen according to you.unlimited possibilities.
Change colors,themes,icons,buttons everything by just simple steps.
Perfect apps for chat lovers.
I hope you like all these background changing chat apps 2018.
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