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Top 10 Best Must Have Apps (android/iPhone) 2019

Posted on the 03 March 2019 by Ssghtc001

There are lots of apps available in market. Here in this article we bring you best must have apps Android/ iPhone 2019 which you must have in your smartphone. These apps will assist you in your daily routine works and will definitely enhance your productivity. Here are these best must have app Android/ iPhone 2019.

Best Must have apps Android/ iPhone

1. Swiftkey Android

 Best Must have apps Android

This app is best must have app Android 2019 has been trusted by more then 250 million users all over the world. This app uses artificial intelligence which will enables it to learn and satisfactorily predict what the user is going to or intend to type. This application features autocorrect and gesture typing for much faster input. Also it has in built GIF search engine, a broad range of themes and is most intelligent and excellent keyboard for bilingual folk. This application will not share information from password field and sensitive information like credit card number, passwords and many more. Over all this app is going to enhance your typing experience and is must have app on your android smartphone.

2. Google drive Android

Best Must have apps Android

This is another best must have app Android 2019 and this app will definitely improve your performance. This app is safe place for all your files to which you can reach from any of your smart phone device. Here in this application, you can save unlimited files like video files, documents, pictures and many more and it will also create your backup so that you can not lose your file. With this app, you also have option to easily invite others to view, edit and leave comments on any of your file. It will safely store your files and lets you to access them from anywhere. Here in this application, you can search for your file by name and content. With the help of this app, you can easily share files and folders with others. Here you can immediately view your content. This app has many more features. Try this app now!

3. Google Maps iPhone

 Best Must have apps iPhone

It is one of the best must have app iPhone 2019. With this application, you can beat the traffic with real time estimates and traffic conditions. With this app, you can catch your bus, train or ride share with real time transit information. It will also save your time by providing you information of traffic.

4. Dropbox iPhone

Best Must have apps iPhone

This is great cloud service which is creative collaboration space designed to reduce busy work and will bring your files together in central place and also will safely sync them across all your devices. This app works on files along with other via shared folders. It has many more features.

5. Evernote – Organizer, planner for notes and memos Android

 Best Must have apps Android

It is also good must have app for android which will help you to stay organised and focus on what matters most. This application will assist you to concentrate on what matters most and lets you to have access to your information when you need it. Here in this app, you can add to do lists, photos, images, web pages or audio and many more. This app also offers you option of instant search bar so that you can instantly search for anything and this will also syncs across your devices so that your information are always with you. Try this app now and stay organized.

6. Google assistant Android/ iPhone

Best Must have apps Android/ iPhone

This application is another must have app Android/ iPhone 2019 and it is an AI personal assistant which will allow users to navigate, communicate and allow them to get lots of thing done. This application allows users to use Google assistant on their Android and iPhone device to trigger apps, and can ask any questions. Also allow them to play games, make plans and much more. This app includes more than 30 super useful demands. This application can work nearly on all smart phones regardless of manufacturer. Some devices also offer users to unlock their phone using the google voice feature. This app will provide you personalised result upon search if you are using chrome, search etc.

7. Nova Launcher Android

Best Must have apps Android

This is also good must have app found on play store. This application is smooth, light weighted, fast and comes with lots of personalization options. This app also possesses numerous icon packs which is available in google playstore in order to change its look. This nova launcher supports drawer customization, have scrollable dock, notification badges, folders and icons personalization and pack of dozen gestures for easy navigation. This application is free to download but you need to pay for its prime version. Its prime version unlocks lot of many more features which also includes some locked gestures.

8. Google Duo Android/ iPhone

 Best Must have apps Android/ iPhone

This app is another great must have app and best video calling apps for Android and iPhone which comes with simple interface. This app is quite easy to log in and verify your number and this app will make fast video calls for you just like making a standard phone call. This app possess unique “Knock knock” feature which allows you to have a live preview of the caller before you receive the call. In this app, you can also leave video messages to the other person if he or she is not available at the moment.

9. WPS Office Android

 Best Must have apps Android

This app is office suite application with amazing features. This app is fully compatible with Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint, and integrates PDF, presentations, spreadsheets, memo, google docs etc. This application comes with free PDF converter, editor, reader, along with file sharing abilities; it also supports multi- window mode, data encryption etc. It is intellectual and easy to use app and it also provides you option to connect to the cloud service in order to automatically save your documents to the cloud platform.

10. Google News Android

 Best Must have apps Android

This app is known for delivering relevant news in the news feed by using AI technique. This app offers “for you” tab which provide you personalised news and on tapping on “full coverage” showcase same news reported by different publishers.


So these are best must have apps Android/ iPhone 2019 which you must have in your smartphone. Hope you like this page. Please do like and share and also share your opinions which app you find most useful.
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