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Top 10 Best DSLR Camera Apps (android/iphone) 2018

Posted on the 15 August 2018 by Ssghtc001

Do not worry if you don’t have a DSLR camera to click a fine picture with a defocused background as we have some fantastic apps for you to download. We all like to have the best type of photos to be clicked and shared on the social networking sites. These apps mentioned here are some of the best and most download apps. Go ahead and download the best DSLR camera app Android/iOS 2018.

best DSLR camera apps

1.DSLR Camera Blur Background, Bokeh Effects Photo Android / Iphone

best DSLR camera apps

It is the Best DSLR camera app Android 2018. You can easily use your finger to edit the part of the photo which you don’t like with the blur effect and make it presentable. It is a very easy to use the app. can be downloaded for free from the play store. There is no need for some professional photographer with DSLR camera to click your picture as long as you have this app in your mobiles. It best fits Android users.

2.DSLR Zoom Camera Android

best DSLR camera apps

With this app, you can zoom and record or click photos and then share them on social media. It is a very good app with latest features and designs. This app helps you in creating HD quality images and videos. The zooming of DSLR zoom camera is very fine. Apart from this it also gives you free editor where you can add effects and filters on your photos to make them look even more wonderful. Best DSLR camera app Android 2018.

3.DSLR HD Camera: 4K HD Ultra Camera android

best DSLR camera apps
You will never regret the download for this app as it has so many useful features like light exposure balancing, effects, filters, location detection etc. Best DSLR camera app Android 2018. It has both manual and auto focusing. You can click photos from both the camera front and back. A self-timer option is too included in it and shooting a video option is also available. You can even apply date and time on the photo you clicked. Android friendly app.

4.DSLR Camera Hd Ultra Professional android / iphone

best DSLR camera apps
Undoubtedly the best DSLR camera app Android 2018. It provides you with an adjustable density of blur effect. It will click pictures in HD quality. Record a video or capture a photo from this amazing app. You have the feature of zooming in DSLR camera HD ultra professional and added to it are some various effects which to enhance your photograph. The unique feature of face detection is also available. It is compatible with Android phones.

5.DSLR Camera Blur Effects androd / iphone

best DSLR camera apps

It is the best DSLR camera app Android 2018. The feature and display of this particular app are very good. It mainly consists of blurring effects like motion blur, radial blur, mosaic blur, point blur, defocusing of background, small size blurring, linear blur etc. you will just love this app as it is very easy to use also and has no in-app purchases. By the use of this app, you can make the pictures look eye catchy. It is a free app for Android users.

6.DSLR Camera: Blur Effect android / iphone

best DSLR camera apps

This particular app provides you with the feature of adding text and stickers to your photos, make a collage, add effects, GIF, 50+ photo frames and blur effect too. The moment you download this app you are going to a fan of this particular app as it has all the features which one requires. It is like the all in one app for an amazing looking picture. You can say that it is the best DSLR camera app Android 2018.

7.DSLR Camera: Photo Editor android / iphone

best DSLR camera apps

Crop your images, add filters to it, making them more beautiful and noticeable with the help of this DSLR camera. The best DSLR camera app Android 2018 is here just for you to download it for free. The amazing features like stickers, adding text, zooming in and out, shadows, focus, highlights, mirror effect is waiting for you to get explored. The working of this app is highly smooth with easy instructions. Best suits Android.
Focos Focos is the best DSLR camera app iOS 2018.

There are millions of download on this fantastic app. the brilliant app has such effects that it mold the lens and clicks adorable pictures. It also adds 3D effects. Once you start using it you will just not stop taking pictures as it is so engrossing. This app is for iOS users who can easily download this app for free.

8.DSLR Camera Effect – Photo Editor for MSQRD Instagram ProCamera SimplyHDR iphone

best DSLR camera apps
Set the contrast of the picture according to your comfort level and crop them too. It not only has the blur option but also the option of adjusting brightness, temperature, highlights in a picture. Just select a photo from your mobile’s gallery and open it in this app and start using the features to enhance the photograph and make it outstanding. It’s the best DSLR camera app iOS 2018 and best compatible with iOS.

9.DSLR Camera Blur Effects iPhone

best DSLR camera apps

The bokeh tool is very much in demand and adding blur effects to your images is never going to be outdated. So here is the best DSLR camera app iOS 2018. You do not need any kind of extra real DSLR camera or a photographer to click pictures in that style as you have this app for you. The option of manual and auto blur is there for you. You can even adjust the density of the blurriness and then edit your picture. Best suits iOS.


These are some of the best apps you can ever download on your mobiles to give a DSLR look to your pictures. These apps give result in high quality and are not at all complicated in use. By the use of these apps, you can even learn some new photography skills and then publish them on social networking sites too. They are really the best DSLR camera app Android/iOS 2018. If you found the information regarding the mentioned apps useful then please do not forget to share and comment.

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