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Tools for Independent Artists : #WhyYouNeedPR

Posted on the 27 August 2013 by Nelle @ImSoJheanelle
                     Recently, an aspiring hip-hop artist approached me, he asked, “ What is the purpose of PR in music?”. I am sure he is not the only one with the same question inmind. So, picture the artist or musician as business, there has to be a practical team to support the creative function (the artist). Other successful independent artists such as Tech N9ne, Jean Grae, E-40, Hopsin and Macklemore& Ryan Lewis all have a team behind them and PR is main staple.
Before I delve into what a PR representative, let us highlight a few blunders that new artists are committing.  I am sure many of your reading this post can relate to one or more of the points below. After all someone has to let to them know that what they are doing is ineffective.
    Tools for Independent Artists : #WhyYouNeedPR
  1. Only you and your friends know about your music.
  2. You do not have a website: and no Wix or weebly is not acceptable
  3. You spam people with your music on social media
  4. U rite lyke ths n ppl dont undrstdit.
  5. You call you self the “dopest” “hardest” “realest” and it is been overdone, no your not.
  6. You rely on reverbnation to get you gigs.
  7. You do not network with other artists around you
  8. You do not edit your songs for radio play; every other word is curse word.
  9. You only speak about guns, drugs, and b*&^!es: enhance your content.
  10.  Your grammar skills are not up to par.
  11. You are hoping someone will “discover” your music
  12.  Every other word you say is “nah mean”. Learn how to give informative answers when interviewed.
  13. You say you  “keep it real” but you rap about things you know nothing about.
  14. You do not feature other artists on your music, just “your boys”.
  15.  Your only performances are at Open Mic nights
  16. You think commercial radio will play your music.

You might agree or disagree with some of these, and some feeling might be hurt. If no one took the time to inform you, these points might make you realize that you are wasting your time.  A music publicist can help you prevent these missteps in your music career, and get your music to the right people without annoying your followers. An article on written by Andree- Ann summarizes the main reason why an independent artist needs a publicist on their team. For simplicity sake, bullet points would be appropriate.
  1. ·   They have more contacts and connections in the industry than you do.
  2. ·   You cannot plan an album release party on your own
  3. ·   Marketing is expensive and PR is free (but not their services)
  4. ·   They went to school to learn how to create a buzz
  5. ·   PR creates value to you and your music (bad or good depends on you)

Were you expecting more? Did I miss anything substantial? Let me know To get an in depth explanation ofthese points, visit Andree-Ann’s article here.

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