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Too Strong, 5 Quick Questions with Karen Lee Batten

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

was a Canadian Idol finalist, she's a seven-time Female Artist of the Year award-winner from the British Columbia Country Music Association, and she's still finding new ways to show her talent and push herself forward. The release of her new single, Too Strong, is the first release from her upcoming 2021 EP, and gives us a look at what we can expect from that offering.

The BC songstress sounds great in the song, giving a performance that satisfies fans who have been paying attention for years, and will grab the attention of new listeners at the same time.

Note: The first time Karen Lee Batten grabbed my attention and wouldn't let go was the the CCMA weekend in Hamilton, 2018. She was performing at the MDM party, and I was chatting with some industry pals. And then Karen Lee Batten started singing Amanda Marshall's Let It Rain and I was stopped in my tracks. Not a bad intro to a very talented artist.

Hit play on the official music video for Too Strong now and give it a listen for yourself!

Karen Lee Batten - Too Strong

About the creation of the song, Karen says, "This song is a testament to how music can develop almost by accident. Jeff Johnson had finished a long studio day when we started talking about life. By 3:30AM, we had started recording into a phone. By the next morning, Mitch and Chad were adding their own ideas and soon after, we had a complete song that was effortless and organic to create from start to finish."

And about the song itself, she adds, "The heart of Too Strong is about staying strong through the tough times in a relationship. With the challenges of our new reality, I feel that there is a deeper message about recognizing how strong we really are as humans. Whether that strength is there for us as individuals or to put into our relationships, we are too strong to give up. We must move forward."

Too Strong, 5 Quick Questions with Karen Lee Batten

To celebrate the release of Too Strong, and to get to know a little more about Karen Lee Batten, we asked her to play a round of 5 Quick Questions - and she did!

Hit play on the video now to find out which 90s Canadian album she's reaching for, who she'd LOVE to write a song with, who she thinks we should all be listening to, and more.

Thanks to Karen for playing along!

5 Quick Questions with Karen Lee Batten


Too Strong, 5 Quick Questions with Karen Lee Batten

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