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Too Much Body

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

When you watch talented players perform they always seem to make the skill look so easy.  For example, a batter like Miguel Cabrera seems to hit effortlessly no matter who is pitching and where the ball is thrown.  Matt Harvey

Making something look easy is usually about eliminating unnecessary movement.

Making something look easy is usually about eliminating unnecessary movement.

My father always says, “You can’t beat genetics.”  Some people are just naturally gifted athletes.  However, when you analyze the greats in baseball, there is one characteristic that us mortals can learn from and mimic and that is keep body movements to a minimum.

It takes a lot of experience, confidence, and positive discipline to stay calm when times get tense.  When these tense times occur, young players tend to increase their body movements due to their bodies being so amped up.  This may work if you are a football lineman but not in baseball.  Baseball requires calmness before the aggression kicks in.  A hitter’s body that is too tense will usually try to get rid of some of that tension by wiggling the bat or moving the feet around.  Any unnecessary movement before the pitch is thrown will work against the hitter.

The same thing goes with any other player on the field.  Too much movement during the pitcher’s delivery will screw things up.  Too many steps to the ball as an infielder will do the same.

Baseball is a hard game.  Tony LaRussa said “The harder something is, the more simple you have to make it.”  Miguel Cabrera is naturally gifted but he has eliminated all movement he does not need which allows him to direct all his energy into the one movement he actually does need – his swing path to the ball.

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