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Too Many Shoes?

By Caveatcalcei @gabfran

The biggest First World Problem that I have in my life is where to store my shoes.

Too Many Shoes?

Shoe Closet Storage Porn

I like keeping them in the original boxes, particularly the Prada shoes that I used to buy on my Fraser’s store card twice yearly.  Even now when I pull out those elegant matt blue boxes with Italian inscriptions and descriptions I feel nostalgic in a sort of I-Was-Once-Was-Wealthy-or-at-least-Wealthier-than-I-am-now. The boxes are frequently attacked by mildew over the winter and every springtime I think… I must find a different way to store my shoes.

Over at Fox in Flats, Andrea has posted some useful tips on how to store shoes. The under bed storage idea is one of my favourite ones.  Unfortunately under my bed has already been populated by my husband’s tee shirt box and underwear/socks box.  The reason that he has boxes under the bed for these things is that his side of the wardrobe is full of my clothes and shoes.

I have used all the other suggestions as well as every cupboard in the house.  I look forward to the day that my husband will keep his promise to build me a revolving shoe cabinet perhaps like the one that Kurt Russell built for Goldie Hawn’s unhappy rich bitch character in Overboard?

Too Many Shoes?

Meantime here are the answers to Fox in Flats’ Footwear questions:

How many pairs of shoes do you have?

I had about 120 pairs until the council clean up last week when I chucked out at least 8 pairs. I had been hanging on to a few pairs with a view to having them resoled, reheeled etc and then I realised that the cost of doing so would, in fact, fund a new shoe purchase or two or three.

Verdict:  Must count shoes.

And how do you store your shoes? Are you a stack ‘em, box ‘em kinda gal, or are they all in a jumble?

I have a stack of shoe boxes next to my bed

Too Many Shoes?

Shoes as Bedroom Ornaments

in stacked boxes and vertical hanging devices in my wardrobe

Too Many Shoes?

And in quite a few other places besides – some of which you will see from the first post of my contribution to Shoeperwoman’s Shoe Challenge last year.

Verdict:   Must find one place or just two places to contain shoes.

And where’s the weirdest place you’ve found a pair of your shoes? 

Verdict:  In my son’s room. He used to really like clomping around in my heels. Now he just hides inside my black leather spy coat while I am wearing it making happy purring noises.  Like mother, like son.

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