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Too Many Golf Coaches

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
This year Daddy and the girls are taking golf lessons on the same day. The last lesson, Mr. Rick decided to work with all three of them at the same time. He took them to the putting green.
Daddy hadn't putted for dollars before, but our girls were experts. For years now Mr. Rick has spoiled them with a game that includes winning dollar bills for good putts. I don't know all the rules, but Mr. Rick and the girls seem to have a lot of fun putting for dollars. Sure, Mr. Rick ends up with fewer dollars in his pocket, but I always figured he started the game so he must enjoy it.
At some point during the lesson, the girls started offering Daddy putting advice. Apparently Daddy took the advice with good humor, which only seemed to encourage the girls.
As a parent it's always good to see that your children are developing a healthy confidence in their skills. The thing you don't want, though, is to have that confidence spill over to point where they feel comfortable enough to correct your errors. You know it's coming, but I'm sure Daddy didn't think that it would happen during a golf lesson with his tweens.

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