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Too Little Or Too Much

By Sue15cat

Too Little or Too Much
How true is the statement above!!
So many of us seem to acquire much more than we need to get through this life ... which sits well with many folk who love their stuff and like to be surrounded by their collections, their souvenirs of days out or holidays, things they might use one day, spares of things they use regularly, or not so regularly just in case the original decides to give up the ghost.
I would have fitted into most of those categories at one point or another in my life, but now the story is so much different.  Over the years, as recorded on the blog, I have decluttered a few times, had large sweeps of the house, sorted through clothes, taken part in Project 333.  I've read books that inspired me to have yet another go, Marie Kondo and 'The Life-changing Magic of Tidying - a simple and effective way to banish clutter forever' springs to mind (yes I still fold clothes her way ... and things are easy to let go of if they do not spark joy) but I obviously didn't do it its completion as I still feel there is excess in the house.
Well not for much longer!! 
Too Little or Too Much
This quote sums it up well.
Too Little or Too Much
I'm currently working my way around the house emptying out cupboards, giving the empty cupboards a quick clean and putting back only that which is absolutely necessary.  I'm being ruthless, if we haven't used something in the past year I really don't think we need it.  I don't need ornaments to dust, things to hoover around that don't need to be there and we certainly don't need things just because someone has given them to us thinking we needed them.
The picture of the kitchen cupboard is a 'before' one by the way ..... such is my new found ruthlessness!!
I think this ruthlessness has been inspired by finally having our new 'investment/pension pot property' and seeing it empty whilst it is awaiting it's first tenants.  The space there is so calming, the empty rooms even though they are small are invigorating, the cupboards empty of contents so calming.   I have been round with the dogs on a few occasions and just sat on the carpeted living room floor with the patio doors flung open watching the dogs playing in the garden and imagined us there in years to come.   And of course to live there when this place becomes too much for us, hopefully many years from now, we will have to whittle down even more what we own, so my thoughts were why not do this now and enjoy some of the sense of peace and lack of responsibility that owning less brings.
So while car boot sale season is in full swing I am sorting out, clearing out and generally giving the house a good shake up.  It's very therapeutic  :-)
Sue xx

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