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Too Early for Spring

By Mwillis
The end of January really is too early for Spring to start, but the Winter has been unusually mild so the plants don't know what to do. There are masses of Daffodils flowering already.
Too early for Spring
The Rhubarb definitely thinks it's time to start putting up new leaves.
Too early for Spring
This shy and nervous Song Thrush is perching on the container in which the Rhubarb is growing.
Too early for Spring
Crocuses are usually among the first flowers to appear in the Spring, so I'm not surprised to see these.
Too early for Spring
This is a Salvia Cardinalis, already producing some beautiful deep red leaves.
Too early for Spring
This is another sign of how mild and wet the Winter has been - moss growing around the base of one of my Bay trees.
Too early for Spring
On a completely different note - have you noticed what Google has been doing about Followers of blogs? Anyone who follows a blog via software other than Google Friend Connect can no longer be counted as a Follower on a blog hosted by Blogger. My numbers have gone down by about 30. Rumour has it that before long you won't even be able to leave a comment on a Blogger blog if you are not a Google subscriber. Why are they doing this? What is the point of such protectionism? I though the Social Media were supposed to promote socialising.... :(

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