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Tomorrow I Do Something New.

By Aninafish @aninafish

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that I really believe in taking care of my girls. (And yes, I am referring my breasts.) Being flat-chested all through high school and college am thinking, I still feel like they're things (hahaha) to get used to. And really, not take seriously. 

Except for this: I believe that you should check yourself for lumps. And then go get checked regularly. 

If you've been reading beauty blogs, then you've noticed that all these brands are going pink in support for the search for the cure for breast cancer. 

And though it's been a little difficult to even go to breast cancer events, I devolve into an ugly cry just watching anything attached to them. Or I get surly.

But because of another new venture (I'll explain in the next entry,) I will be at Makati Medical for their Breast Cancer forum. Not in it per se, but outside to entertain anyone who wants a breather.

I'll be joining the Leyende team—you can come and try out their lovely products, then chika with me after about your kikay kit or any make-up troubles you're having. So consider it, I'll be the one with the big hair. Come and say hi!



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