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Toilet Training: It Started So Well; Please Help

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Well mummies, I have been potty training my now 3 year old for the last 6 months. It started so well with her going on the potty whenever she needed to go whilst being allowed to run around with no bottoms on. No accidents at all, she loved going.

Toilet Training: It Started So Well; Please Help


Then came pull ups. Again, started well but soon she refused to keep them on, preferring to run around in the nude as always. It was nearly impossible to keep the pull ups on her.  She screamed and kicked in order that I didn’t put them on her! After a few months she finally got used to keeping them on after using the potty.

So we moved onto knickers. Unlike the pull ups, she will not keep them on at all. I even tried putting trousers on her as well so that she wouldn’t take them off but nothing keeps them on. She takes EVERYTHING off in protest at having to wear them.

As a result I am afraid to go out during the day without her being in nappies as I know she’ll just strip off in the pushchair. The actual using of the potty and even the ‘big girl toilet’ isn’t an issue. But keeping her dressed is. She’s also ‘dry’ at night, to the point where when she gets up in the morning her nappy is dry, but I am afraid to put her to bed with no nappy. Any answering blogs or advice on this matter would be gratefully appreciated.  She starts nursery in September and I don’t want her to be the only one in her class still in nappies. The Joys Of Motherhood!

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