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Together, We Are Mothers.

By Agadd @ashleegadd


We are the peacemakers, the hair-touslers, the “I love you” whisperers.

We are bandaid appliers and boo-boo kissers; snack creators and storytellers.

We are the diaper changers and pacifier rinsers; the Target shoppers and money savers. The sand castle builders and wannabe gardeners; iPhone photographers and memory keepers.

We are the party planners and schedulers; the consolers and teachers. Sock matchers and crust cutters; sunscreen latherers and heartache-menders.

We are fear-sharers and advice-askers; task-managers and homework-checkers.

We are worriers and pray-ers; hopers and dreamers.

We are mistake-makers and grace-givers; apologizers and forgivers.

Together we are brave.

Together we are strong.

Together, we are mothers.

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