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Together After All These Years!

Posted on the 16 March 2016 by Themarioblog @garciainteract
Together after all these years!Together after all these years!

They are not supposed to appear together, not at the same table, what with El Tiempo of Colombia and Die Zeit of Germany, not to mention global Wall Street Journal and the local Miami Herald and its Spanish edition,  el Nuevo Herald.

Yet, somehow, mere coincidence, here they were, breaking through geographic, stylistic and language barriers to sit at the same table, like old friends celebrating a birthday, or watching a sports event together.

Once past my immediate surprise, I stopped to contemplate these strange bedfellows.  Are there some themes that run through these?  That is not a thought I wanted to contemplate as I pride  myself in the fact that I concentrate on the specific audiences, locations and culture surrounding each of my projects. The color palette that works in Colombia,  may not be the best for a German title.

Somehow, these all seem to coexist well, showing variety and individual strengths.  Best reflection, although some of the newspapers were designed a couple of decades ago, they still maintain the good essentials that we gave them, even if changes had been incorporated along the way.

Watching these titles was a satisfying, fleeting moment that broke the travel routine for this flying warrior.


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