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Todd is New Each Moment: A Thousand Nights

Posted on the 07 August 2012 by Hctf @hctf
Todd is New Each Momentphoto: Cowgurl

Post-rock shoegaze inspired by the German Neue Welle and the early 80s UK synth movement. Brooklyn and Albany based electronic duo Todd is New Each Moment have just released their A Thousand Nights EP. Thomas Wilk and Bryan Hamill have a soft spot for old school synthesizers, from the era when analog was slowly entering the digital world.

With the dirge meets dance tunes, the EP is the perfect soundtrack for a rainy Summer day. Performance artist Sarah Paul features in the title track. Traps comes pretty close to Gary Numan, using robotic vocals and a chilly backbeat.

Todd is New Each Moment: A Thousand Nights

A Thousand Nights is a self-released album. Stream it thru Bandcamp.

  1. A Thousand Nights
  2. Flooded Highways
  3. Uneasy Dreams
  4. Traps

Video: Todd is New Each Moment - A Thousand Nights

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