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Today…a Full Mind and a Heavy Heart

By Lindsayleighbentley @lindsayLbentley

Today is a big day


And for reasons I can’t even fully explain just yet.

It’s strange how some days can pass by with hardly a flicker.  And then there are days like today that hold enough excitement, anxiousness, anticipation, waiting, heaviness, and worry to encompass their own year.

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That’s the hardest part.  Intentionally not worrying.  I’ve learned that not worrying is a decision…one that I am free to make, if I will only choose to trust Him instead. 

It’s days like these that I am reminded how small we are, how little control we actually have, and how thankful I am to be loved by a God who loved me first.

One thing on my mind is that Baby Girl is 30 weeks today.  This has been, in the past, the time where I am put on bed-rest due to preterm labor symptoms.  I am overjoyed that this has not been the case in this pregnancy!

Someone very close to me is having surgery today.

We just made one of the biggest decisions that we have ever made in our marriage.

My husband is starting a new career venture today.

It’s raining.  I foresee books, and puzzles, and maybe a trip to the library.  If we can, my husband and I are going to steal away for breakfast together.  To sit and process, pray and talk. To just be.


So thankful he’s home today.

I love to listen to music on days like this.  I have this record going.  It’s amazing.  It keeps me mindful of the power and promises of our God.  They are friends of ours, and their impact is incredible already.

My mind is full.  My heart is a bit heavy, a lot grateful, and even more hopeful.

live well. be well.

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