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Today Was a Normal Day. We Started Our Day out Earlier Th...

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
Today was a normal day. 
We started our day out earlier than we have most of the Summer so far. Before 10am. Don't laugh. Maddy~Kate has had a strange sleep schedual lately. To sleep at 11. Up from 1-3ish. Back to bed till 1030. The last couple nights I've gotten her to bed at 830 and she's slept most of all night only waking to nurse herself back to sleep. Yes, she's 2 1/2 and still nurses. 
We made a early morning trip to a road side market where I purchased 4 watermelon. All four were terrible and thrown out. 
Laundry, dishes, sweeping, mopping. All the ordinary things that keep this house from smelling like butt. A trip to Edmonton to drop off some pretties to a few of my fabulous customers. Back home to work Lucky Duck a while and then retreated to the living room to watch To Joey, with Love. Beautiful by the way. Sad. Inspiring. Gut wrenching. Watch it. 
Tonight has been a hard night for Eli. I'm not quite sure which button of his was pushed, but it was the wrong one. Explosive crying. It's hard to watch a nearly 14 year old have such massive meltdowns. But they are few and far between so long as he stays on track with his medication and sleeps regular. I don't think people realize how much a healthly mentality revolves around good sleep. I was told by a Dr that everyone needs 5 solid hours of sleep in order to be healthy mentally and physically. 
Tomorrow is the 4th. We don't have huge plans. We decided to take the kids back to the ocean this Fall. It'll be Maddys first trip and the boys 3rd. The boys understand between now and then we have to penny pinch.  Just a few fireworks from a stand will be our limit. 
I hope yalls 4th is happy, healthy and safe. Today was a normal day. We started our day out earlier th...

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