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Today’s Tidbits: Google Acquires Waze, Toddlers Learning to Code, iOS 7 Walkthrough

Posted on the 12 June 2013 by Nrjperera @nrjperera

Today’s Tidbits is the new Fresh Infos segment where I mash all the interesting news stories into one article, to make it easier for you to check out the hottest topics in one place.

Google + Waze = Gooze?


Google appeared on my Inbox earlier today, announcing the acquisition of Waze.  In case you didn’t know, Waze is a popular free GPS navigation app that brings real-time traffic updates based on a “community of traffic-obsessed drivers” who keeps each other updated on best routes for driving.

Google’s plan is to combine this service with Google Maps to give its’ users the best traffic updates and navigation.  Google’s Brian McClendon stated on the official Google Blog that Waze team will “remain in Israel and operate separately for now” while focusing on providing the best service for its’ community.

Programming Toddlers


If you still doesn’t know how to code, prepare to feel ashamed because even tiny toddlers are learning it these days.

According to Venture Beat, three geeky female entrepreneurs have designed a new website and a book called My First Website that mainly focuses on teaching children how to code.

Co-founder of the website, Rosalyn Knapp says that “We owe it to our children to be able to teach them to understand code in a world where almost everything that they interact with on a daily basis will have some foundation in coding”

Well, that’s absolutely true. We are now living in a digital age where we can’t live without the Internet, our smartphones and computers. So, it’s wise to start teaching your kids about how they work and how to make it better, in addition to what they learn in school.

Thank god, I started my online coding lessons several months ago. So, I feel a little less ashamed now.

iOS 7 Video Walkthrough

And last but not least, you can check out a complete video walkthrough for Apple’s new iOS 7, as seen on Gizmodo.

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