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Today's the Day!!!

By Drharrietd @drharrietd

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Yes, folks, less than three months after Victoria and Annabel first cooked up the idea of an online book review magazine, and recruited Simon and me, the first issue of Shiny New Books is up and running this morning. 

We've had great support from friends old and new in the run-up to going live, with lots of people tweeting and liking us on Facebook. Now it's time to start dipping in and exploring our four sections: New Fiction, Non-Fiction, Reprints and Book Buzz. We are sure everyone will find something to enjoy. There's a lot there -- 72 book reviews in all -- so this is something you can dip in and out of at leisure, just like a print magazine. And don't forget to check out the competition, with a chance to win four books, picked by the editors.

Over the coming weeks we will all be posting links to our own reviews. We've also had some excellent bloggers writing for us, and we will be in touch with them all today, with links to their posts. We want to include more of the talent that's out there in forthcoming issues, so if you think you'd like to write for us, there's a link for that on the site.

As SNB is a quarterly magazine, the next issue will be coming out around 1 July. But the site will updated in mid-May to add a few new reviews. And of course there's a newsletter, so do sign up for that if you haven't already.

So do pop over to Shiny New Books --  and let us know what you think! 

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