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Today's Once-a-Month Cooking Session!

By Upatdawn @lisakeva
Today I was up bright and early.  It was assembly day at my cooking partner Jen's house.  With kids, prepped items and a good attitude in tow, we arrived at 9 am.
After setting up and getting a plan of attack in place, assembling commenced at 9:30 am!
Our Cycle 2 menu consisted of:
White Chili
Chicken and Spinach BakePorcupinesQuicheHam dinner slices**Herbed ChickenPizza roll-upsBBQ Pork and BeansCrockpot Chix and veggiesSweet and sour chickenSalsa beef casseroleCrockpot Chicken creoleEnchilada casseroleUpside-down Fettuccini BakeLasagnaItalian Sausage and Spinach PieSanta Fe ChickenChicken Potato CasseroleSmothered BurritosGerman dinnerChicken Pesto CasserolePork Chops on RiceSesame Glazed ChickenVegetable Soup with MeatballsChicken SupremeFreezer Coleslaw with HamApricot-Glazed Pork RoastFrench StewRanch Chicken Loaf*Tator Tot Casserole

*Due to a ground turkey mix-up (needing 2 lbs of raw ground turkey that mistakenly got cooked), we had extra ground turkey left.  Which resulted in a spur of the moment Tator Tot Casserole** Due to a miscalculation in chicken breasts, this dinner didn't get made.Sometimes things work out and sometimes there are mistakes.  When you do OAMC, you need to be flexible and be willing to change things up when needed.  Expect the unexpected!!

Our Master Shopping List for Cycle 2 (to make x2 each meal):


Ground turkey-cooked 12lbs 

Ground turkey-raw 2lb

Ham-slices 17 slices

Ham-cubed 8c

Chicken-cooked/chopped 34c

Chicken parts 12lbs

Chicken breasts 9lbs + 12 breasts

Pork Chops 12 chops

Pork roast 7 lbs

Pork meat 2 lb

Beef Stew Meat 6 lbs

Bratwurst 3 lb

Italian sausage 4 lbs

bacon 1 pkg


Eggs 20

Cheddar Cheese 15 cups

Mozzarella Cheese 13c

Ricotta 12 oz

Cottage Cheese 72 oz

Monteray Jack Cheese 7c

Swiss 2c

Parmesean cheese 2c

"Milk" 2 1/2 c

1/2 and 1/2 2c

sour cream 5c


Green Pepper 4 whole + 3.5c chopped

Red Pepper 4 whole + 1.5c chopped

Onion 25 c chopped

Potatoes 8 potatoes

Red skins 2 lb +8 potatoes chopped

garlic 20 cloves

baby carrots 4c

grated carrots 5c

apples 2lb chopped

zucchini 2c chopped

celery 4c chopped

large tomato 2 large chopped

green onions 8 grn onions chopped

shredded cabbage 4lbs

lemon juice 3 tbsp


Turkey meatballs 24oz

pie shells 4 shells

hash browns 11 c

peas 2c

spinach 40 oz

mixed veggies 1BIG BAG


rice 1c

bread dough 2 loaf (Lisa will make)

flour tortilla12

corn tortilla 16 +

Lasagna 16oz

Fettucini 16oz


kidney 30oz

black beans 60oz

pinto 30oz

great northern 2c

refried beans 2c


Cream Mushroom soup 6 (Lisa will make)

Cream Chicken soup4 (Lisa will make)

Beef Broth 4 cans

Chicken Broth 4 cups

Tomato sauce 124 oz

Salsa 60oz +2 jars

Diced tomatoes 192oz

tomato paste 36oz

Enchilada sauce 54 oz

Taco sauce 2c

ketchup 2c

mushrooms 32oz

black olives 8 oz

pesto 6 oz

Alfredo sauce 32oz

apricot preserves 16oz

tapioca 1/2 c

coke/pepsi 2c

orange juice 2c

white wine 2c

tortilla chips 4c

ranch flavored tort. Chips 1.5c

oil 10 tbsp

mayo 1.5c

ranch dressing 4 tbsp

butter 14 tbsp

sesame seeds 4 tsp





brown sugar  2 cup



italian seasoning


chili powder




sugar 2c

dijon mustard


creole or Cajun season.

bay leaf

mustard seed

bread crumbs 1c

celery seed

soy sauce

garlic powder



Apple Cider Vinegar 4tbsp

white vinegar


Total cost:  about $165!
We finished at 6:00 pm and spent the next 1/2 hour cleaning up, and packing up.  

Now to put my feet up and have a nice cup of tea!To read more about how to do Once-a-Month Cooking and download a free week's menu cycle, please go read Why Once-A-Month Cooking.

Next time:  Hints to help you prep for a smooth 'Assembly Day'!
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