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To Princess Or Not to Princess

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
We're headed to the Magic Kingdom soon and will be having lunch with the Disney princesses.  This sent the girls into decision mode.  Should they dress as princesses?  Or are they too grown up for princess dresses?
At first they were firm in their decision not to dress as princesses.  They decided that they were too old to wear a princess dress.  Of course, the fact that the second grade girls made fun of other girls wearing princess costumes for Halloween probably influenced their decision.
Last week they changed their minds.  They decided that they needed to be princesses after all.  The local Disney store doesn't carry dresses in their sizes, so we turned to eBay.
I had to influence their princess choices based upon the dress sizes available, but eBay had dresses to fit them.  Last night they tried on the dresses and giggled the whole time.  These aren't the official Disney versions, but they are still adorable dresses.
I have to admit I'm glad they decided to wear princess dresses.  Too soon they will be considered too old to wear princess dresses.  I strongly believe they should do everything each age allows.  They will grow up fast enough. 

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