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To My Big Little Girl

By Karl @cartoonistdiary
To my Big Little GirlThis is, indeed a momentous week for me. My second daughter is about to have her first child and my second grandchild. She's not due until Friday but already we are all very excited.
Then on Monday I get asked by the Doncaster Free Press to do a cartoon about a mother whose just had triplets---not that I'd want to have my little girl go through the hell of launching three little ones into the world in one sitting---and lets face it, after giving birth to three in one go, she'd be doing very little sitting unless it was with a large rubber ring stuffed with half a dozen packs of Birds Eye frozen peas.
It felt it a little ironic that this week of all weeks, I was asked to do a cartoon about giving birth---so much so that I just had to record it on my blog, and of course share it with you all.
The story is, as I've already said, about a lady from Doncaster whose had triplets. The feature hinges on this unusual event and that fact that having triplets carries a 1 in 8,000 chance of happening, and it is those odds that eventually led me to arriving at the punchline.
So Kristy, this cartoon is dedicated to you my little darling and what ever little bundle of joy you present us all with. Good luck with the birth and we all love you very much.
Dad xxxx

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