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To Knot Or Not

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
Chico's Dark Orchid
Tying a knot in your shirt and wrapping it around your waist is one of the oldest styling tricks in the book. But its cult-classic status doesn't mean it is actually the easiest thing to pull off. Trust me, I have tried and failed ... and then only recently succeeded. Hence, this post.
I wanted to nail this classic trick for several reasons:
a) a good knot, tie, and/or tuck can completely transform all your oversize, too-long shirts.
b) tying a knot can give them some shape if you’re not into a boxy silhouette.
c) tying a knot can give the impression your outfit is a bit “more” than just a throw-on-and-go look.
The biggest tip? Go for a shirt that's bigger than your normal size. The extra room will give you extra fabric to play with and allow you to customize just how body-hugging the fit ends up being. Choosing a style with a little bit of texture—think linen blends and thicker cottons over silks and modals—can make things a bit easier as well, as these fabrics will give your knot a bit of grip. Also, don't be afraid to bring in some reinforcements: A well-placed rubber band will keep your knot in place all day long.
A knotted shirt thrown over a slip skirt, a swimsuit, or pants is always a good idea. The shirt-tails give you much more room to tie a secure knot, and the look is infinitely versatile. For a breezy holiday vibe, don't do up any of the buttons. Tuck the knot back under your shirt for a more pulled-together vibe. Simply bundle the tails up with a rubber band, and tuck - Voila! your look has transformed. See below for visual transformation. 
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