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To: Danielle Abroad

By Danielleabroad @danielleabroad
Last Friday, as I was sipping the best mojito in Paris, a friend and I were talking about keeping in touch. Most people aren't very good at it. While I was studying abroad as an undergrad, I almost purposefully was not in an attempt to not be homesick and fully experience the cultural opportunity I found myself in. This time around, however, I can't not be. I don't have the luxury of knowing 99.9% of my best friends will be in the same place when I come back, ready to welcome me back to that familiar life of mine. They're scattered and busy, and have even less of a clue than I do as to where I'll be (physically and mentally) after graduating with a masters degree. to: danielle abroad So we email. When I first arrived, I sent a couple of mass emails to friends and family to let them know I was safe and somewhat settled. Since then, I've made it a point to email at least one friend a week with personalized updates and questions that would otherwise be answered over coffee or drinks or the phone were I still living in New York. Does it remind me how much I miss them? Of course, but so do their Bon Voyage cards I have posted to my wall; an attempt at sentimental budget decoration. to: danielle abroad And then I received a letter. To: Danielle Abroad, no less. One of my most thoughtful friends must've sent it as soon as I'd shared my semi-permanent Parisian address. I may have cried while reading it. It reminded me why I keep in touch and how lucky I am to have the men and women I keep in touch with in my life.
to: danielle abroad Gosh, I really do miss them. Just because I have the kind of friendships that won't falter after a few months of no contact, doesn't mean they don't deserve to know how much I wish every single of them were here. Facebook-stalking and Twitter-following is hardly enough to those who matter, right? Emails it is then! And a postcard every now and again. P.S. Happy (belated) 20th birthday to my favorite (only) little brother! I love and miss you, too.

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