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To Buy Or Not To Buy

By Jennifer @jennynov23
glitter pumps
In 2014's first installment of "To Buy Or Not To Buy " a sparkle-tastic pair of pumps has me scratching my head and asking whether glitter pumps are considered a wardrobe staple.
Today's online shopping dilemma comes care of Marc Jacobs. As you know, To Buy Or Not To Buy typically starts off with a pair of designer shoes that are way out of my reasonable price range and ends with me searching for a cheaper pair so that I don't have to live off of food stamps for the next 6 months. 
Well apparently the world is ending. And not because of global warming but because today these Marc Jacobs pumps are CHEAPER than their Kate Spade counter-part....
Leaving me very, very confused. 
At first I didn't really think twice about these pumps but a few moments later after checking the Kate Spade website and realizing the Marc Jacobs pumps were actually more affordable I suddenly had to have them. 
Do I buy them on the principle that its just way too great of a deal to pass up? Should I stop to ask myself if I need a pair of glitter bow pumps? Am I wasting time asking all these questions while I should be reaching for my credit card? Do I LOVE them or do I just LIKE THEM? 
The shape is not ideal but that BOW. I mean just look at it! I'm a sucker for a well placed bow, especially one that falls so gracefully over the toe of the pump. 
The thing is I prefer the shape of the Kate Spade pump a lot more. But they are not on sale. 
Check out both styles for yourself and comment below..which one would you buy? (assuming you're craving a glittery bow pump of course)
KRYSTA Kate Spade Pump
kate spade pump
glitter box pump 
 Marc Jacobs Glitter Galactica Pump
marc jacobs pump
marc jacobs on sale
To buy or not to buy? Help me out here.

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