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To Blackburn Castle by R.C. Matthews @SDSXXTours @RCMatthews123

By Lauriej
To Blackburn Castle by R.C. Matthews @SDSXXTours @RCMatthews123
To Blackburn Castle by R.C. Matthews @SDSXXTours @RCMatthews123
To Blackburn Castle by R.C. Matthews @SDSXXTours @RCMatthews123
Blackburn CastleTortured Souls Series Book 2by R.C. MatthewsGenre: Historical Romance, ParanormalTo Blackburn Castle by R.C. Matthews @SDSXXTours @RCMatthews123
Blackburn is living on borrowed time. An ancient curse violentlyclaims the life of each Blackburn male on his twenty-seventhbirthday. As his approaches, his only hope of survival is a witch whovanished long ago without a trace.Mercy
Seymour eagerly counts down the days until the curse will claimVictor’s life. She watched him murder her mother, and only hisdeath will free her of the hatred and anger she harbors.When fate throws them together in Devil’s Cove, desire simmers between
the handsome pirate and the spirited barkeeper’s niece until theylearn the truth about each other. Desperate for her cooperation,Victor spirits her away to Blackburn Castle in the ScottishHighlands, where forces of magic and mists from beyond the graveweaken her resolve, opening her eyes to the truth of the past.
As Victor and Mercy unearth the fabled stones needed to break the curse,they discover that the only weapon powerful enough to destroy hate islove. But will they have to sacrifice their relationship to save whatmeans the most to them?RELEASE DATE of April 10, 2017Goodreads * Amazon
To Blackburn Castle by R.C. Matthews @SDSXXTours @RCMatthews123
Devil's CoveTortured Souls Book 1To Blackburn Castle by R.C. Matthews @SDSXXTours @RCMatthews123Shrouded
in unspeakable horror and spoken of only in whispers, the abandoned
Devil's Cove Manor lures Captain Devlin Limmerick and his
unquenchable thirst for revenge to its doors. Feared as the Devil on
the high seas, the pirate's desire to avenge his past is matched only
by his hunger for the powerful young medium he has coerced to aid him
in his nefarious quest.
from youth and touched with an ability to communicate beyond the
grave, Grace is both feared and revered by the uneasy town folk. Yet
she is powerless against the unrest brewing within the manor walls
and finds herself drawn to the Devil's darkness. Still, she refuses
to sacrifice her soul to set Devlin's unspeakable plans in motion.
But an evil lurks within these walls, and their very souls are in
jeopardy. Grace's presence at the manor spurs inexplicable
happenings, forcing Devlin to believe nothing is as dead as it seems
- not even his heart. Plunged into the throes of passion and danger,
they discover the only way out is to search deep within and summon
the courage to believe in true love.
Goodreads * AmazonTo Blackburn Castle by R.C. Matthews @SDSXXTours @RCMatthews123
Fear cleaved Mercy’s heart in two, and she lost all sense of decorum.“What kind of monster are you?” she cried, pounding her fists against his chest. “You would force me to lie with you and bear your children? Have you no conscience whatsoever? You beast!”His green eyes darkened into pools of determination, and he shoved her aside, striding to her abandoned carpetbag. He clawed through the contents, tossing her clothes absently onto the bed, until he pulled out the wooden box containing her potions. Her heart stuttered a moment when he opened it, revealing vial after vial.“I have a conscience that batters me daily,” he said, plucking one of the vials from the box. “But you leave me no choice!”He held the cylinder to the light, and although it appeared empty, Mercy knew better. The contents were expensive and, by far, the most sought-after potion of meddling mamas of the ton.“I do believe the gods are on my side,” he said, reading the label. “Serum eau de Freya.” A vindictive smile curled his lips up. “Freya is the Norse goddess of love and fertility. Your love potion is amber, so methinks this little gem promises fertility. What say you?”
To Blackburn Castle by R.C. Matthews @SDSXXTours @RCMatthews123To Blackburn Castle by R.C. Matthews @SDSXXTours @RCMatthews123R.C. Matthews’ debut book entitled Little White Lies, was conceived in
1997 while living in Cologne, Germany. However, marriage, children
and a day job that paid the bills put writing the book on the back
burner until 2012 when she discovered the folder with her research in
the basement while reorganizing! Determined to finally realize her
life-long dream of writing a book, R.C. Matthews spent 15 months
writing on weekends to complete the manuscript.
R.C. Matthews was raised in the Metro-Detroit area by deaf parents along
with four siblings. She graduated from a liberal arts college with a
B.A. in Accounting and German and continues to work as a certified
public accountant. She enjoys traveling with her loving husband and
children, reading, down-hill skiing, and playing board games.
Talisman and LIFE are high on the list of favorites at her home.
R.C. Matthews is the author of contemporary and historical romances
featuring bold, sassy heroines and magnetic alpha heroes. Warning!
The chemistry between her characters is off the charts hot, so read
at your own risk. She resides in the Midwest and is surrounded by
men: her husband and three sons. During her free time you'll find her
watching The Walking Dead, reading a fabulous book or hanging out
with her family.
Website * Facebook * Twitter * Amazon * Goodreads
To Blackburn Castle by R.C. Matthews @SDSXXTours @RCMatthews123a Rafflecopter giveawayTo Blackburn Castle by R.C. Matthews @SDSXXTours @RCMatthews123

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