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'Tis the Season

By Myjoneses
'Tis the Season
'Tis the SeasonHolidays, Festivities, Family and FriendsWe're right in the mix of it now!
'Tis the SeasonThe next couple weeks are my favorite time of year.   There is this sense of magic that just seems to float in the air.  Watching your kids discover this is one of the most amazing things.
'Tis the Season We've got up our Christmas trees. Ornaments have been strategically placed this year. The bottom of the tree is lined with wooden or plush ornaments, half of which already line the floor.  The boys have their own tree which stands 2 feet off the ground, perfect height to decorate and continually re-decorate daily.
Pulling the Christmas ornaments out is like opening an album of memories.  I've had enough ornaments to decorate my own tree before I even had a house to put my own tree in.  My mom gives everyone ornaments every Christmas, usually tied on your wrapped gift.  Little jingle bells with our names painted on them, new house ornament, new baby for corresponding years.
'Tis the SeasonCy had to look and see what every ornament was, Sage just explored what this big tree with lights was.  
'Tis the Season
'Tis the SeasonAnd of course the cookie cutters came out.  Actually I had to dig them out of Cy's things, he's been making his own coloring sheets tracing different shape holiday cookie cutters.
But I got in trouble because after they were cooled I put most in a bag and threw them in the freezer. ( I make 2-3 kinds every weekend in December so then they can all be pulled out right before Christmas) Cyrus did not like the idea of giving Santa Claus a frozen cookie.  We had to explain they'd be thawed for him.  I didn't give him the explanation Santa probably wouldn't like a 4 week old cookie if we left it out.  Ha, kids.  We're looking forward to our upcoming weekend line up annual Christmas parade on Friday and Korv party at great grandma's & grandpa's.  Looking forward to making more memories with these little boys as they discover the magic of Christmas.'Tis the SeasonSubscribe in a reader

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