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Tis the Season.

By Jlynnspeaks @jlynnspeaks


[Boyfriend's presents from me.  Brown parchment paper, twine with the ends dipped in glitter, linen craft paper with glittery writing secured with glitter tape.]

As predicted, the weeks leading up to Christmas have been hectic.  Boyfriend started a new job, I pulled double hours at mine, and living "5" minutes from a mall began to have its drawbacks.  Holiday spirit hit me full-force on Christmas Eve, when I went in to work at 7 am.  This year will be quite different, with neither boyfriend or I waking up in our parents' house on Christmas morning.  It will be just the two of us, and I think it will be a Christmas we will always remember.

We're taking extra lengths to keep up each of our own family traditions (like Christmas Eve presents from mine, and Christmas breakfast and holiday movies from his), as well as start new ones all our own.  Even though it may not happen for many more years to come, I think it will be nice (and relaxing) to spend the day together in our first home.  Wishing our families and friends a merry Christmas (we miss you all so much!), and you and yours a very happy holiday as well!


[My aunt's adorable, rustic, and very festive living room.]


[Money snowflake for one of our advents.]


[Dirty santa gift exchange: small/airplane bottles of assorted liquors. Needless to say, it was a huge hit.]


[Adorable goodies baked by a coworker's wife.  How cute are these?!]


[A peek-through of our tree.]

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