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Tips to Rise Above Being Sad and Single

By Loveandgrace @loveandgrace20

I want to share three little tips that will help you rise above being sad and single.  Hold on to the single and leave sadness behind.

Saturate your heart with the Word of God

I have sat at my bed, head in my hands, and without a clue.  Yet, when I opened the Holy Bible and read God’s Word, I received answers and direction.  The Bible is so much more than printed ink on paper.  The scriptures were written by the hands of humans but genuinely inspired by the almighty God.  If our hearts are open to the Word of God, it will literally transform our minds. 

Reading the Bible should not be a tedious task that we feel burdened to do to make God happy.  Access to the scriptures is access to God’s heart.  It is a privilege because it is a powerful treasure that turns our sorrow to joy and mourning into dancing!

There is help and hope in the Word.  There is renewed strength in the Word.  Indulge in it.  

Saturate your heart with God’s Word and you will rise above being sad and single.


Let those who want to love you, love you.

Sometimes we can be so overcome with being sad and single that it dims the light of love that shines all around us.  While we yearn for the particular love of one, we must be careful that we do not block out the love given to us by everyone else. 

Love is healing and comforting to our souls.  Eros love, or romantic love between a man and woman, is not the most exceptional kind of love.  Agape, unconditional, love is the ultimate.  It is a love that is not performance based and requires no prerequisites.  It is a love that is God and is expressed through the people of God. 

If you have a friend, a parent, a sibling, or even a child that longs to love you with this kind of love; let them in and receive the love that they have to give.  Let it wash away your sorrow instead of the other way around.

{Reduce Me to Love: Unlocking the Secret to Lasting Joy by Joyce Meyer}


Replace fear with faith

Fear brings out the worst kind of sadness in me.  When I feel fear creeping in, my immediate thoughts focus on what I could lose and how I could be defeated. 

I feared that I would always be single.  There is not anything wrong with being single, but I incorrectly equated singleness with loneliness.  The two are not the same… but that’s another blog post.  It made me sad to think that no one would ever fall in love with me or that I could possibly grow old alone.  This is what fear does.  It twists our hope in God and takes up space in our heart so that there is no room for faith.  Our mind is prime real estate and only the essence and things of God should reign there. 

Faith is the “substance” of things hoped for.  Substance takes space, so move fear out of the way and put faith in its place.  Faith will turn your sadness into gladness because you know “with confidence” that God will see you through.  You will be victorious!

Overcome and transition from being sad and single to triumphant and single!


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