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Tips to Find Accurate Results in Search Engine

Posted on the 10 February 2019 by Savita Singh @Compgeekblog

Hey buddies, here I am coming with my new and competitive article about Tips to Find Accurate Results in Search Engine. This article will help people who suffered from ranking fluctuation can now find accurate result in search engine easily. How many people of this generation can think of the internet without a search engine? Almost all of us rely upon this versatile invention for frequent times in a day. Learning the curve of Google Search is the odd one, yet it is important to know.

The framing is not mattered in the case of searching online. We will discuss here some ways of more accurate and efficient Google Search which can add an extra oomph to your search result. It will return you with more accurate search result collection. Before discussing any point further, we will let you know the ways of functioning of the Google Search Engine.

Find Accurate Results in Search Engine

The function of the Search Engine

For your convenience, the function of the Search Engine has been divided into two categories. Here are they,

Performance of the Search Engines

Search Engine indexes only a partial visible part of the result, which can be called the 'Minority of the Content'. The rest of the result (so-called content) will remain hideous in the deep web. When you type anything on the Google Search bar, it displays the final results on the basis of accuracy and relevance.

Basically, the search bar of the search engines works against these indexes and try to provide you with a more accurate result. Sometimes, you can see the auto-complete list of suggestion which is also based on the frequent words typed by you.

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Understandable potentiality of the result

Now the basic question which will leave you in confusion is how a search engine knows what isn't and is relevant and accurate?

Well, there is the answer to this question too. Search Engine uses algorithms to categorize each searched page by its authority, relevance, and quality.

Otherwise, there are many publishers who will wear-and-tear this facility and the quality and relevancy will fall automatically. It is also called search engine privacy and policy.

It has been observed that Google one of the leading internet search engines has two hundred different factors for its calculations. It has an important role to play for the ranking of the websites and web pages as well.

Tips to Find Accurate Results in Search Engine

This means when anything is searched by you online, the tweaking result which you can see a pop-up on the screen of Smartphone, computers or laptops is the personalized result which is tailored by hyperlocal, regional, and even national location. It makes the search easier and relevant to understand by the users too.

Apart from the Google Search Engine, there are many other alternative search engines which you can use to achieve the same result. Some of them are Bing and Yahoo!

Now, let's back to the Google search tricks list.

How to conduct an advanced internet search?

There are a number of Google search tips which are used by more and more people every day. Some of them use their own tricks, many of them learn from others. Today, we are offering you to know the best and effective web searching techniques. These are explained in the following:

Usage of natural language

There are certain words which are important to maintain the grammar of the sentence or any question. Some of them are 'to', 'or' and 'the'. These are ignored by the search engines and thus these words can be used freely. As search engines are more focused on the Keywords, it will not create any effect in finding the accurate results.

Type the spelling correctly

Typos error will happen automatically, but you don't have to worry about it. It is because; the search engine will account and recognize it only for you. Moreover, the result will get changed too when the search engine will consider the correct spelling as the incorrect one.

Tips to Find Accurate Results in Search Engine

The searches must be framed with quotes

Only a few people around the globe are known about this fact! It is one of the most important web search tips and tricks which can give you the best result. For example, if you have typed "tulip fields" like the shown way, then the Google will provide you with the above 300,000 results.

It has been proved that rather than the phrases, the words within the quotes offer more result. It is because; the phrases or the sentences restrict the boundary lines of the search engine and it will only show a limited number of results.

While finding synonyms

Google has invented many tricks to get the accurate result. But, this one is known one of the top ten web search tricks. During finding the synonym of any words you must type tilde symbol (~) before the word. The search bar will automatically understand that you are looking for the synonym of the word.

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Use Google's peripheral service

There is a Smartphone in the hand of every people. Google has invented a number of other mobile apps for peripheral services. Thus, you can use them simultaneously rather using the simple web page. For instance, for finding the geographical information you can use Google Maps. Google is beyond Search Engine after all!

Excluding of words

Excluding of words is considered as the most important "web search tips and tricks". It is also called Boolean Search, which can be typed with the help of a minus sign. When you want to exclude any word from a conjoined word, just put a minus sign before the word you want to exclude, the search bar will understand this and provide you with the desired result.

Search for the title

Here is a quick tip by which you can narrow to the search result. If you are looking for the recipes of any food, you can reframe the sentence in short. It will provide you with a more accurate result.

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Search with the URL

If you want to search any URL, directly type it or copy it from any given source to the search bar of the Google search engine. You have to use the command for the web addresses. But if you use quotes within the particular words about which you want the result, you will find the accurate result easily.


There are many other tricks and tips you can know for which will increase the quality of its search results. It will provide you with more accurate and relevant information of the result of the searched words, phrase and sentence.

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Tips to Find Accurate Results in Search Engine

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