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Tips to Design Creative Wedding Backdrops for Taking Photos

By Junelt

There are many creative ideas to design wedding backdrops. Lots of brides complained that they were not satisfied with some photos due to uncreative backdrops. So today I collect some beautiful and attractive backdrops. It has the possibility that you have seen them before. However, I will introduce them carefully. If you are interested in parts of them, just add them to your wedding inspiration board. So it is time to start our expression.

1. Board, flowers, green plants

Firstly, select boards in various colors, such as dark, white. After that, gather them and make it a big board. Then use some ways to attach flowers and green plants on it. You can spread the flowers as the picture shows. Then make the big board stand on end. Finally, scatter the petals on the ground. Of course, you should ensure whether the weather will be fine, or your lovely petals will go with wind, which you will feel disturbed. When you stand in front of it, it will be nice for you to wear vintage lace wedding dresses. Lace is very romantic and mysterious.

wedding photo

2. Big flowers, square board, two classical chairs, painting tools

Select some big flowers and make it left top corner. Use painting tools to write down the first letter of the bride and bridegroom name. So it will stand for love between them. Two chairs are very beautiful and lovely. Besides, two pillows will make the person who sit there feel very comfortable. You can paint the board in color you prefer. Of course, it is very suitable for you to make the color match your wedding dress. You can wear you beach style wedding dresses, the combination of the dress and backdrop will be very nice.

wedding photo

3. Flowers, green plants, circle frame, lantern

The most attractive one is the design of circle frame, which looks very creative and comfortable. You will find it very difficult not to fall in love with it at the first sight. Put classical lantern on the both sides with candle. If you have a dream of princess, this style will meet your taste. Short wedding dresses are suitable for the backdrop.

wedding photo

Tips to design creative wedding backdrops for taking photos

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